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I want to speedrun some games for old consoles, but I don't have the original hardware or games. Im wondering if I can use emulators to play these games for speedruns?


Check the rules for the games.

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^^ Usually if an emulator is allowed you will see an emulator check box in the run submissions page. If not, you will see text that says “Emulators are banned.” If emulators are allowed, usually you have to check that box if one is used.

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It usually depends on the rules for the game you want to run.

Older games for older systems usually allow emulators, but games like Super Mario Bros. only allow runs to be done on certain emulators and some may allow emulators to be used under certain conditions (e.g. run must be behind a certain place or slower than a certain time).

Meanwhile, games like Super Mario 64 have separate categories for emulator runs, usually due to emulators for that system being inaccurate.

Games for newer systems like the Wii U and Nintendo Switch flat-out ban emulators because they are extremely inaccurate.

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