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have been thinking about doing this run for a while but need some help setting up the rules. this is what I have so far
1. all tracks in order, time trial (not sure if time trial is right)
2. no skips, glitches, etc.
3. one beer per track from a can, after green light and before finishing.
4. cart must be stopped and pulled over when drinking.
5. some breaks have to be built in for obvious reasons.
So the big questions are what mode, and how long the breaks should be. also im sure I have a massive blind spot for other things I need to have ready.


Ask these kinds of questions to the community, but

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If you need a break, keep the timer running. Then you can have as long of a break as you need.


i honestly think it would work better if you were to actually drink and drive in game. But no, this would be condoning drug use


Subject of breaks.
It makes it safe by extending the time, its a funny run but its a lot of beer.
Subject of drinking while driving.
Its a classic party game to make the game haerder.
Subject of drug use.
I mean it is Mr.booze


I did some reading, this is leatheal.