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Hi! im a actual WR of this game ( my time is 3m:06s). This user submiten a run with the same time of my run, but your its different (3m 08s). Please check this run pls

The run URL: in the run of Flogus01:

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This sounds like something you should probably post on the game's leaderboard forums rather than here, to get the attention of other runners/mods of the game. There's not much people can do on the general forums.

If that doesn't seem to get enough attention to the issue, you can talk about it through private messages with the super mod.

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Most likely Flogus01 just split somewhat late while playing and submitted the original time to, but then retimed the run as a 3:06. Nothing particularly unusual or suspicious there, looking at the video of the run it's clearly faster than 3:08 and probably is a high 3:06.