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Hi all,

I made a small Android application using the website public API, but unfortunately Google does not allow it to be published on the Google Play for several reasons :
- its name "Speedrun" is forbidden because it "suggests affiliation with the entity"
- it shows video game covers which are copyrighted hence forbidden

As I don't think the app would be the same without the video game covers I won't publish it without them, so if you want to try it, I uploaded it on my personal website:
Don't forget to allow unknown sources apps in Settings -> Security as it is not an official Google Play app (some may find it risky but I assure you there's nothing dangerous or unwanted, no ads, nothing but speedrunning resources in this app)

The app lists the latest validated runs and links to their videos, all games/levels top 10 leaderboards for each category as well as currently streaming speedrun (listed from

Feel free to get back to me if you have any suggestions/problems.

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Some screenshots:


Finally, someone did it!


Any confirmation on if this is legit? This guys name is literally Judas and he made his account a day ago so I'm not wild about installing his app

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Well I'm not sure it proves something but you can find some issues I discussed (in april and may last) on the website API github here :
And from that github account you can find my personal website : (the one on which the APK is hosted). The app code is hosted on GitLab, I can add you to the project if you want to look into the code and check for anything suspicious.

My account is young because I created it on the purpose to post this app (I would have done it with a link to the Google Play Store if they had accepted the app) . I really like speedrunning but doesn't have enough time and skills to be able to post runs (especially when the games I like to play are ones that are largely played).

As for the "Judas" pseudo I have it for almost 10 years now when my best friend was nicknamed Jesus because of his looks (and I don't want to start a religious discussion here but Judas had a much more complex story than the traditionally accepted version of a traitor)

Anyway if you're still not convinced you can try the APK on a separated environment like an Android emulator (I can explain you how) or even online using services like (they have a free plan).