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What were some of your best experiences while speedrunning? Curious to see what people find most enjoyable. For example, my favorite experience was finding a bug in Dark Wizard where I could place units wherever I want.


Winning back my WR after it was taken from me on several occassions. 🙂

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Realizing that save scumming a Map Level scroll in Castle of the Winds actually worked to reveal the whole dungeon. The map generation really is static per floor upon your entry on the floor, not procedural per quadrant like I'd assumed.

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Grinding for ages for a level world record, but always being a second out. Then one time I got INCREDIBLY lucky with the enemy AI and beat the record by 23 seconds. I've basically given up doing IL runs of that level because I'm basically never gonna pull that off again.

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I don't speedrun. However, I do currently hold the world record for!


Best experience was getting a 05:05 time on Game Dev Tycoon's ByeGarage% category, followed up with a near-perfect run of ByeOffice% in 48:15 a few days later which meant I had finally managed to obtain WR on all 4 categories again. Only thing to do now is go for the absolute perfect times on every category.

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I once attempted to use the Orbital Drop in inFamous: Second Son, but somehow, the cutscene triggered the moment I pressed down to use it, which skipped the animation of it. Guess the bit I was standing on caused that... somehow.

Sadly, it was during a casual playthrough.


Getting three PBs on three consecutive runs


Getting a WR after 8 months of fails, chokes, and RNG.


So, there's this Super Mario Maker user named PuzzleKing. He uploaded a level on September 23, 2017 entitled "10 Types 1 Level Deca-Challenge!" (I can provide level ID if anyone's curious) The concept of the level is that it's ten different kinds of levels in one, each divided into different sections: dash, puzzle, traditional, Yoshi, autoscroll, music, automatic, and shoot-em-up. It's actually a really well-made level, but it kind of takes a while to beat. The WR was somewhere around 5 minutes and 18 seconds.

Earlier today, after HOURS (no joke) of grinding this level, routing and rerouting, nailing tricks (and then messing up seconds later), and screaming at my TV, I managed to clutch out a record of 4:52. The rush of relief and satisfaction after finishing with a 25 second timesave was incredible.

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@Peacefroggie Way to stick with it!
@Krayzar Nice observation. Paying attention and trying new things really does help understanding games.
@Komrade Yea...I see your Link to the Past run up there. Submitted 1 month ago. Also you run Baldur's Gate? I need to finish's on my pile.
@HowlingSnail I know the feeling. Got really lucky in my Megaman 2 The Power Fighters run. Got really lucky with early powerup from the girl, and one of the best patterns from The Yellow Devil.
@7Storm Why not submit your run?
@TheMadWasp You are a perfectionist I take it.
@SpiderHako Maybe someone else has had that bug happen to them to. Might be worth looking around.
@Novawolf Nice. The sense of progress feels good when stuff like that happens.
@Novaeu Sounds rough what game was that?
@finnaboing Ahah maybe take it easy? Just take a break if you are getting frustrated. Good job though.

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@theripper999 I did take breaks. That's mostly why it took multiple hours. (That, and I was confident the time could go lower!)

[side note: I misspelled "theripper999" like four different times when typing this.]

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@theripper999 E.Z, a really challenging platformer that when you die you get sent back to a random level that you already passed, so you can get sent back to an insta death if you're not careful enough.

(I also got the record just before 2019 so that was nice.)

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@theripper999 lol you can't quit speed dude, it's impossible, but when I do, hot damn it will feel good.

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I just snagged a WR back in a game I run, and now have all 12 1P IL WRs. Admittedly some are uncontested but it still feels good.

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