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I can’t stress this enough: when I say “this is the greatest post I’ve ever seen” I truly, honestly, and genuinely mean that. I know it gets said a lot as a hyperbole or whatever but I’m being 100% serious. I prostrate myself before your magnificence and I have to use my inhaler because I start to have a combined asthma/panic attack every single blessed time I think of your glory. I have never before in my life witnessed such an absolute legend in these forums.

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We can finally go home, the greatest forum post ever has been made

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@Merl_Merl_ how dare you steal the greatest post of all time, you should be ashamed

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All you do is copy people @Merl_Merl_. How can you be so unoriginal 🙁

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Chill people. @Merl_Merl_ didn’t capitalize the first letters, so it’s completely original.

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