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Let me first provide some context:

I've been wanting to best my world record of Lilo & Stitch for the GBA, a game which I'm the supermod and (currently the only) active runner for.

However, after 15 minutes of play, my repetitive stress injury caused me too much pain to continue. This effectively means I cannot complete even one run of the game (which is 20+ minutes long) because of the constant mashing required.

I recently heard the news about the Metroid Dread leaderboards allowing turbo. I'm SO excited at the possibility that this may become common in other games that require mashing, making speedruns more accessible to a wider audience.

Now, I run Lilo & Stitch on the BizHawk emulator. Technically I can easily turn on a turbo feature, so that I only have to hold the button to shoot instead of mash it. However, I don't know of any methods to do this on a GBA console, as you can't exactly use a third-party controller on a GBA that I'm aware of.

Is it possible to use turbo on a GBA console? Maybe there's a turbo controller one can use on a Gamecube with the Game Boy Player addon?

I care very much about the accuracy between emulator and console. I want to instate rules that are both fair and equal, while also being accessible.

The only option I see currently is to make a separate category for emulator runs and allow turbo for emulator runs only. However, that doesn't help console players avoid repetitive stress injuries.

So I wanted to get some advice from the community. Thanks to all in advance!

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An option for console players would be to play on Game Boy Player and use a third-party GameCube controller with turbo.

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I would still consider making turbo and non-turbo separate categories as whether it is used or not makes a huge difference and at least myself personally, I don't want to use a turbo feature because it feels like cheating (even when it's allowed/encouraged).

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there are communities which have done sodoku because of the discussion.

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Turbo is a very delicate topic (for some games more for others less).
I guess you could separate categories, but that also feels a bit weird for "just" an input method. And it could make unnecessary extra leaderboards if you have many categories already (and now need to double them just for turbo).
I like the approach more to limit the allowed frequency to some value that you can mash manually easily as well. A series I'm following set that limit to 10Hz. So far it goes well with that rule.

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