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  SuperM789SuperM789 added a new paywall for split info and graphs and it fucking sucks. Is there an alternative to this site?

Under the Timer Section, you'll find a number of alternatives.

  MeesterTweesterMeesterTweester isn't a timer though. There's not really an alternative on that page. I'd also like to see more stats from the splits, and their quarantine free trial for the premium service just ended.

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LiveSplit has the option to display an Graph, along side information for the previous split, PB, etc.


I do that anyway during runs. had a lot more stats, data, and comparisons.

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The paywall isn't anything new, its existed for a while now. There is one alternative for the stats part called SplitsAnalyser, but I can't get it to read my splits and it uses electron.

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doesn't also only support to be displayed on run pages?
at least from a perspective of submitting runs, has a monopoly.


I look at graphs like... once a month? So do I have to fucking pay $9 every time I wanna look at graphs ? Fucking hell no.