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I am a YouTuber! What's your channel? Just wanna know. Just gonna check it out. Not related to speedrunning.


This forum is not the place for advertisement, so people won’t be posting their channels here. Most runners have all their social media linked to their profile, so if you want to view someone’s YouTube, check if they have it linked.

As an aside, if you knew this wasn’t speedrunning related, why did you post it in the “Speedrunning” forum?

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Yeah plz dont post advertisment, itll only lead to dead subs anways if you just want subs, which is worse than having less subs. I know thats not exactly what ur doing but this isnt even close to anything about speed running. Plus you kinda are really just getting dead subs, which will just make it harder to get people to see ur videos in recomended because youll have more subscribers then veiws making youtube think people dont like ur channel. So Im just trying to help, sorry if I sound like some naggy person. 🙂


I don't want subscribers tho..


"not related to speedrunning"
then why is this on the speedrunning forums 😃?