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  woshiwind Aiqiyo said that Bao Qing Tian is popular in China? He cheated the foreigner continuously. Let’s show the evidence, the fact is the manger of Youju refused this game on May.26,2018
From the link we can see 2018-5-16 15:20:33 the manager of Youju said” 手感体验比较差的国产动作游戏,不予添加”,means “this is the China game of too bad operate, refuse to add(to Youju)”, so no one on Chinese leadboard until now. Like aiqiyo said, It’s so popular a game that no anyone in Chinese leadboard! It's such a kidding that appear in speedrun! Aren't Aiqiyo a cheater?
And aiqiyo also said Moai Kun is popular in China? Let’s see the Chinese leadboard It’s so popular a game that only two runners on Chinese leadboard, the first runner submited Moai Kun on leadboard on 12,Apr.2017, past 18 months only one runner submitted! So popular. Aiqiyo cheated the foreigner again.
Aiqiyo’s three WR, the 1st,2nd,3rd are all Chinese, and Aiqiyo shows he asked Bluen to submit the game to sp with him, Aiqiyo won't be only your name on leadboard of speedrun

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