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I speedrun The Godfather game and did any%. I was thinking of adding categories for the run but I'm not sure if it can be seen as legit category since I'm the only speedrunner and moderator. do I need other speedrunners for the game to make a category or can I make up the categories on my own?


I think for any game, legit categories are those, that are accepted by the community. The most common categories are probably any%, 100% and low%.
So, if you really are the only active runner for this game, then i would work out some proper definitions for 100% and low%, complete a run, and THEN add those new categories + the VoDs of the finished product.


Even if you're the only one to run a category it's worth putting on your leaderboards. And if you think it's really something not important or not "legit" (An example I have would be this ) then you can put it as a misc. category and it can be hidden by default.


well in the game there are ranks you get after completing story/main missions and the only ranks, Don & Don of New York, can only be obtained after completing extra missions post story/main mission. I was thinking of Don Rank and Don of NYC Rank. as extra categories. as for he 100% or low% is really unclear. for 100% there is stats that show progress like collectibles and other side quests so I'll figure out that one later.


I created a category for Ocarina of Time called Child Link 100% and I submitted a run on YouTube and created the category on So is it technically a category since I'm the only one doing it?


General answer:

You can call it a category if you want. As for whether the site adds the category, that's more up to the general OoT community. Odds are if one or two people are the only ones who runs the category seriously for a game with numerous categories, it isn't going to get added.

This page: could have 500 different categories on it each with slightly different rules and timing and it would greatly dilute the ability for users to get to the more common information.

Common ways people are playing the game or want to see the game played is what we want to track, and it's definitely subjective, and we leave it up to the community provided they are doing a reasonable job of discerning.

I would like to support unverified personal bests in arbitrary categories for individual users on their profiles at some point. I don't foresee this getting implemented any time soon though, as we have other tasks to work on.

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Start by not necroing an ancient thread
From there you will need to either be the moderator for the game in question or ask the moderator to create the category

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