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How could i get mod on a game without asking? asking for a friend....

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Don’t mod farm. Don’t post in forums of games you haven’t run asking for mod. Run a game, get involved with the community, and if they need mods, they will announce it. Most games do not need an extra mod.

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WHO???? apiosndioansfoinmaj ajsfnjk]

just playin :))

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asks how to ask someone for something without asking????

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@SioNSioN No, asks how to get something from someone without asking. Much different.

@AstroPugAstroPug Why do you want to be a moderator so badly? What aspect of moderating appeals to you?

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@hahhah42hahhah42 when I was new on the site, I really wanted to become a moderator because it was giving me more to do on the site, and I thought that it would be some special thing if I could possibly become a mod for more popular games.

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Being a moderator is not even close to being as fun as you think. You'll look at many many runs that look almost identical while also checking and retiming each one in case it's cheated.

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