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I do believe that my commentary on this is epic and will always get better with age

My first speedrun (before this) that was rejected was a run of Red Beard. Q press strats.

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This is my 2nd run ever on odyssey decided to post it to this site but it is still being verified


From 3 years ago. A 12:30 run of Elmo's Number Journey for N64, formerly top 5.


My first Speedrun was a Run of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time in Minecraft.
This is a Minecraft Map that recreated Ocarina of Time in Minecraft.
Because the previous WR hodler didnt submit his run to I had the WR for almost a year (Yes,I did beat the inofficial WR later)
as the run skipps the whole game the only improvements were better execution.

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My first run... An ancient run from 2018, at the time it was 7th place which was last. I removed it sometime last year since I didn't feel it meet with my standards. Since this run, I've broken numerous WRs in all 4 Extreme-G games, and even claimed a Tied World Record on Perfect Dark's "The Duel" stage on the Agent difficulty, which the maxed time is 3 seconds.

I've come a long way over the last couple of years... Here's to the (hopefully!) many more years of speedrunning to come!

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Originally only came onto for Def Jam Fight for NY off of the competitive scene as my first run was here which lead to my 100% run. From there I learned more and more about how Easy mode AI worked(I still hate you Foundation) and how I could apply competitive tech in Speedrunning. I eventually figured that out with Kickboxing only and applied it to get closer and closer to WR but I eventually realized I'd have to move to Streetfighting in order to break the WR. I did do that multiple times with Just_Hax which lead to the WR trading places between me and him until I realized it's not worth the RNG it takes to beat it on PS2 emulation due to load times and issues with ps2 emulation. So now I'm awaiting for Xemu xbox emulation to have Def Jam as playable so I can finally take the WR back. I moved onto my favorite golf series aka Tiger Woods PGA Tour and began doing WRs there as the community for it isn't so active. I still have alot of runs to do for it to not leave any blank runs for 06, 07 and 02.

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First run, really bad now i am on 12 sec (not famous anyway) but a lot fun


My first run was so bad, because i don`t set up the timer because i couldn`t did it, but my first run in this game is not bad, i think
your opinion?


the run was pretty unoptimised at that time and used manual justification directly at the start.
I had pretty good game knowledge and did the first rerouting: Rushing Focus to be at war with a major to be able to declare wars faster.

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I'll be sharing with y'all my first run and my first verified run.

First run:
Super Mario World 11 exit glitchless
Rejected: "very obvious TAS"
For all those wondering, I don't TAS anymore.

First verified run:
Newer: Holiday Special
I didn't bother to improve it because I had my first TWR on my first run.


why did you ever submit a tas?


i was stupid


This is my first ever speedrun.
Crash 2 any% NGOA
I practiced for a few days just kinda going through the game and savestating before certain parts to practice. I died a lot lol but at least I got it under 2 hours.


It isn't something impressive, but here you have it.

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My first run was in the PC remake of Repton 3 (not on this site); I set records for every Repton 3 scenario around 15 years ago and all of them are still standing -- most scenarios have less than 5 runs total. With the lack of competition, it was hard to motivate myself to improve my times.

So, I've finally submitted my first speedrun of an actually competitive game, Hollow Knight:

1:37:06 isn't a good time, but it was my first completion of the game without getting safeties like mask/nail upgrades, so I can definitely take the time down further. Top times in this game require some difficult tech that I can't do, but I'll be happy if I can get my time under 1 hour.


Crash Nitro Kart Any% is the first but i deleted it because i improved my time 2 times so i post my 3rd time on any% (Apologies for that im using google play so i delete my old runs for space after a new run is verified).

Also apologies for the Potato Quality, my tablet is weak and mobizen has 2GB limit so this is my best quality.

The Run:

An Ultra Big thanks to the moderators for putting me on leaderboards along with best of players!!!!


i didn't even know about this site when i did this run, i only found out about the site 2 months later and then decided to submit this run because why not.


I'll join on this, even though I only submitted the run a few weeks ago. It took 35 years for someone to even find a 100% solution to this game because it is... a bit janky. At the time I started running it the only other run was a 15 minute tool assisted run done just to prove the game could actually be completed, so I was quite happy to get 8:44, though it kinda feels wrong to call it a WR when no-one else has attempted it

Night World (1985, BBC Micro) in 8:44

The game has some fascinating route planning because it has a mechanic where every 90s (approx) you transform from human to gargoyle. The gargolye gets double jump height, and there is no variable jump height, you always jump to max unless you hit the ceiling. Oh and you get no improvement to fall damage resitance so its a lot easier to hurt yourself. It also has broken collision detection that only checks at your head unless you're moving down, so you can walk through 1 block high walls in quite a few places.


hot wheels worlds best driver yellow team any%