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I started to play Microsoft Solitaire Collection in upper secondary school during boring lessons. My goal was to achieve level 100 in solitaire to see which kind of badge I would get then. Well I achieved it and grinding after that felt kinda pointless.

I started to think how I can still grind it more. After that I started thinking that I have quite good time in completing one game of solitaire. I remember looking at Microsoft Solitaire Collection (mobile) leaderboards back then. The only person who was there was Yeventry. I then grinded for decent time and got 0:49.
(Hopefully will beat that wr some day 👀)

After that I didn't think of speedrunning for a year. But after a year at this summer I some how found my favourite childhood game Dream League Soccer and got into speedrunning it and have speedrun games since. So yeah, kinda new to speedrunning but already enjoying it very much compared to just playing some games casually.

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my first run is sad to think about
a wr throw..


I submitted it yesterday, so it's still waiting for approval, but here it is, my speedrun of Layers of Fear:


Looks cool! My YT channel was deleted but the run was about 7 months ago lol


I've started speedrunning just a day prior, this one's my first