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Your expectations were too @HighHigh.


Mine where @lowlow

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Were* 😎

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Do you mean @ImprobableImprobable


tfw the thread you started becomes spammy and a bot shows up

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@WalgreyWalgrey Sorry, I just meant to encourage @LinuxLinux to run games available on Linux. I should've known better.


Imagine speedrunning in 2010, who would do such a thing.

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I don't know who would speedrun in 2010, but I do know who would speedrun in the late 90s. Take a glimpse at the Goldeneye 007 leaderboards for example.


I might as well go.

I am relatively new to speedrunning, only starting 6 months ago, but it has been a lot of fun. So here is my first run:

I wasn't really trying for a WR (it is 6:15 btw), I just wanted to see how fast I could go. I went in with no knowledge of really anything. No skips, no quick routes, no anything. Just me, my PSVR, and a PS4 that hopefully wouldn't break in the time I was doing it.

Since then, I have improved on this run by over a minute (6:35.6), actually researched other runs to figure out time skips, and spread out to other games I like, getting about 20 WRs in the process. I am so glad I found this, because it can help me forget about my usual high school stress and replace it with stress on how to get the fastest time possible. Plus the speedrunning communities are great!

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This is my first speedrun on the site...

I started speedrunning through the indie game Monaco:What's Yours is Mine ... Specifically we would do Multiplayer IL speedruns.

The context between the butchered state of the leaderboards, is that between Septetmber 2015 and March 2016 I DID make a big hyperlink table linking speedruns of all 41 levels and were rejected by SDA, which led to use retreating back to just using the In-game leaderboards / our own youtube/twitches for evidence . I think in 2018, The speedrunners on s[ (seperate from the main community) reached out and got some of us to to be moderators of the monaco board , which led to a few more runs going up... howeever frequent changes of the category organization led to problems, eventually killing interest in getting a complete record of Multiplayer speedruns to the site (I think by late 2019, Mr. U and Monkeypocket both have complete set on their own youtube... Their would be a renaisannce of Singleplayer Speedruns for Monaco, which naturaly were easier to record and submit. The main recordboard is now on a Monaco Discord + a google excel sheet Mr U keeps updated

I think I never recorded my own video until at least 2018, despite appearing in MANY speedruns that were recorded by some other player in the 4 man group. I would record singleplayer speedruns for other games. I am occasionally in a "reunion" IL run of Monaco and in modern times we usually get the viewpoint of all 4 players recorded.... we still are pretty bad about sharing anything on this site instead of our own sites though.

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I really like this idea, good idea walgrey
My first run was this 105th place (about 98th at the time) PB in Rattlesnake springs run. It was bad and I eventually beat it several times.
This game is good for speedruns, however my PC is trash and this game has a lot of rng so I eventually forgot about it

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  ReniReni This was my first run. After I got sub 2 I never touched this game again.

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I got inspired by JaydenAnimations to finally start speedrunning, so I choose my favorite game: Rust Bucket.
I verified the sr.c page, the game was pretty much empty with only 2 or 3 runs, I wanted to start easy so I choose the only category without runs chapter 4, my first run was a 15m 43s following a walkthrough route I found on youtube.
I found better routes on every level including some major skips on level 40, also while playing chapter 1 I found a way to do faster checkpoints, however it could only happens on checkpoinst where you maintain the direction.
A few days after this discovery I found a way to do it to other directions, but it was very precise and hard, it could save 0.5s if done right, but cost ~3s if done wrong, so I never implemented.
And at the end of the month I had a 12m 43s run of chapter 4 and had conquered every WR in the game.
Also a huge thanks to D.E.M.O., because seeing his runs I learned how to time, retime, split, moderate and found the MSD (Mobile Speedrunning Discord)

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