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My first, and only so far, speedrun on SR.C is Columns III in 30:16.60 according to me retiming like someone showed me how to do here, and is listed as 30:17 which is just fine by me as it rounds to the nearest second. I also have a commentated version of it on YouTube which plays windowed - the one I'm linking first is the one I submitted, without commentary and with full-screen gameplay, which got approved:

And here's the other, commentated version of it I have that proves I never paused emulation during timing, which could potentially gain a small advantage so I want to make sure not to do it, in case you want to hear "live" commentary as I'm playing the game knowing anyone in the world might see it:

I'm making some occasional attempts to improve this, and may pick up effort and really gain a better understanding of the effort and attempts it takes to get top speedrunners where they are. This game only has a few times, but they're good, with a very challenging WR. A few more could be added from YouTube and Twitch, intended as speedruns and posted on those sites, but not SR.C as of yet.

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My first Submitted Run was a FNAF VR FNAF 1 Nights 1 - 4 Speedrun

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For some reason, my first run was Roblox work at a pizza place, and I got a horrible time.

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My first run? Uh, let me check... oh boy
This is "Cheater%", the idea being that you beat the game with the use of cheat codes. The issue is that there's a cheat code that automatically wins the map for you, so instead of buffing yourself to the moon and back and finding the fastest way to obliterate everything, it's just typing the winner code over and over again until you're done, so I don't really like to consider this my first run.

Rather, a few days later, I did a "speedrun" of Heroes of Might and Magic 1:
Don't be fooled by the fact that this is 1st place. That's just because I'm the only one in the category. The run is incredibly flawed and I didn't practice nearly enough - that time of over 6 hours could easily be sliced in half by someone that's good at the game. Although I am probably something of an embarrassment to a small community, I still feel a sense of achievement with the run - despite disaster striking over and over again, I still completed it, and that's always one of the first steps to doing something well.

(So I never did a run of that game again and just got good at other games :p)

Edit: thinking about it, I have also done speedruns before I joined SRC- the game "Fairune Collection" has global leaderboards for the fastest times in each game, so I ran two of those for a while and got top 20 for both (obviously not top 20 anymore). I won't go too in detail on those since I've probably already talked enough

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The run that started it all: A four-category run of Disney Crossy Road's Wreck It Ralph (50, 100, 500, 1000 points)

Then the guy moderating it stopped doing it as quickly and I took his spot.
Then I started requesting leaderboards for other mobile games, such as Cat Bird.
Then the mobile speedrunning discord became a thing :))
All thanks to DCR!

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This is my first ever speedrun and it was of Geometry Dash. The category is 1-8 and I just wanted to try it out. My transitions were horrible and back then I was struggling to even complete them all first try lmao.
Now I actually have the wr for this category somehow and it got a lot more optimized due to us figuring out that changing your fps to higher than 60 actually saves miniscule amounts of time.

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My first actual run was a Tokyo Mirage Sessions run, but I never submitted the first run. The first run I ever submitted was actually a NG+ All Levels run of Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. Naturally, compared to now, my skill level at the game was...about slightly above average the casual level at the time, movement tricks with Lana wasn't commonplace, and generally, I could probably list all the mistakes I made in this run, but I still sort of look back on it as "my first true step into the world of speedrunning," so I don't totally hate this one.

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My first run was a run on ting mobile, coincidentally I am now a verifier for Ting.

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second place on the piggy book 2 solo camp speedrun

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well, you asked for it
run of the genesis version of virtua racing on beginner difficulty

this was back when I had basically no clue how this game even worked, I kind of understand how to play it now lol
still haven't bothered running it again, maybe some day

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Just completed my first run baby! Whoo!

Primal Rage - Sauron Difficulty 16 Speedrun!

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My first run was I was totalllllly addicted to it, so i was like 'hey, why not give it a try?'

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heres my first run: