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This was my first time learning a game, and while I was nowhere near top times at that point, I had a lot of fun. After many years of inactivity on my part, I'm once again far from the top—though only because others have carried on the baton, lowering the record.

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This wasnt my very first speedrun in payday 2, but the oldest one i have now and my start as a pro solo speedrunner in this game. I have now over 200 solo WR runs in the level leaderboard and still be the most active runner in this game. I beat in this glitchless run the old record by 1 second! 😉

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Harvest Moon Any% more than 5 years ago 🙂
I saw NarcissaWright (CosmoWright back then) on Twitch doing Zelda Ocarina of Time runs and I was wondering if I could perform a speedrun too. After searching on, the any% run of Harvest Moon got my interest- I actually don't want to beat it as this run got me into speedrunning.

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My first ever speedrun was an unrecorded nmsb2 speedrun back in 2018 or so. I used to delete obsoleted runs, so my first surviving video run is a 6.97 IL for the game Mobility! from march 2020.

Using the route I did, there are only 2 possible frames that could be saved, so this record stood unbeaten for about a year. A new route was found and it was beaten by about .2 recently. At the time, I believe it was the longest standing world record ever for that game, but I could be wrong.

Eventually I will probably have a new record that will stand for much longer. The only runner who is competitive with me for IL records is @susuwisusuwi, and he plays on the web version of the game. The level "final boss old" is an unfinished level that can only be accessed by modifying the game's files, so it can't be played on web. I am never running that garbage level again, so it will stand for a long time to come.

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My first (completed) speedrun happened about 1.5 years ago. The game is Zeliard, a beloved action-platformer of my childhood. Since then I explored a couple of other games and only slowly got better in Zeliard. Reducing my PB from 57min to 48min.

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My first ever "official" speedrun for my first speedgame. I got this one after a few attempts on the game.
While this run of 1:26 is relatively glitchless, and is almost 9 seconds away from my current record; the interesting thing is that it took other players lot of time to pass this run.

My first unofficial speedrun before I joined the site, was a "speedrun" of an idle game that took around 65 days to complete.
Still was about 4 months shorter than what it took for other players that played casually.

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@happycamper_happycamper_ Zeliard's such an underappreciated classic.

I oughta get around to running it some day.

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A recorded speedrun of New Super Mario Bros. Wii in 2010 of 1-1 using my dad’s iPhone 4… sadly it has been lost to time.

But I do have this: The oldest speedrun I have on this account currently (I think). Don’t question the thumbnail it’s just Kayne being Kayne, I did have a Mario Kart Wii Nitro Track - No Skips speedrun of 41:49 (my first ever speedrun to this account. September 24, 2019) however I ended up deleting the run whenever I got a better time of 40:59.

Now I realize I shouldn’t delete old runs 😐😐😐

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submitted my first run to this site just a few months ago :

Mr. Maze is pretty much a walking simulator with a b movie plot, i don't know why i love this game so much

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My first ""real"" speedrun was 2018 in Fragments of Euclid . A small indie game i found on . I enjoyed it playing it casually a lot and found a few little shortcuts and tricks . So i decided to look if speedruns exists and yesss a few speedrun the game. I decided to use some of my tricks that ive found and got wr which was pretty Pog.

The run wasnt that much different than the previous wr and only had a little bit of optimization and my tricks. This run brought the time down from 3:46min to 3:41min which might be a big jump but not as big as the jump i would later get.

After that run i discovered that you could wallclip , which was a pretty big timesave. My method was far from perfect and i didnt know how the wallclip worked but the time was now down to 1:42min... which is a pretty big jump. After that i found a better route and somewhat understood how the clip worked ? ( the route i used in the vid makes the wallclip really easy)
and yea then it was down to 0:50 min

annnnnd after that i found a even better route and finally rly understood how the wallclip worked and got it down to 40seconds .

There was pretty much only me running the game at that time but it was still alot of fun getting that time down. Without that game i dont think i would be speedrunning today or at least way later.
Oh yea and the leaderboard split into oob and inbounds but that was bound to happen with such a thing lol

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First run I did ever was this.

For some reason OBS wasn't cooperating with me so didn't even have a timer on screen.
Was somewhat slow, since I didn't actually even really try to play for pure speed but rather for survival and mostly as a way to gauge how the run would play out, though by no means slow since I had a good thousand of hour grinding for score (which does involve going fast since there is a score bonus for it) which is why it's a good 11 minutes faster than the previous WR.
Never really were glitches in that run so pretty much everything from there was grinding for muscle memory and finding better strats, after a few tens of thousands of attempts (attempt counter is wrong, lost my splits a few times) the run now looks like that and will likely not be improved due to how hard it''s become and lack of competition, though the game does have the potential for a bunch of time save especially with a few discoveries made since that can save up to 15 seconds at the cost of making a level extremely inconsistent in the last fifth of the run, the SoB might look low but many golds are 1 in 1000 IL bullshit runs that are not realistically expected in a full run.

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Well here it is

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This isn't the first speedrun I ever did, but it was the first run I did with the express idea of submitting something to this website - the category allows for many different glitches and I didn't really use any of them, at the time it was great fun and I just wanted to have a run on the leaderboard, and I'm sure people here can sympathise with thinking 'I'm going to keep doing this'.

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  [user deleted] This is the first bee run I ever submitted on src

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Well when it comes to the first recorded speedrun submitted to this site, it was Super Mario Galaxy 2 over three years ago
This was my second run of the game only one day after doing my first. All I really was doing differently here was simply going faster than the run yesterday. I also remember before doing this I sometimes used to do DK Country Returns Time Trails and Super Mario 3D Land IGT runs

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Here's my first run which was a 4:33.149 TING run (way before the game got popular) As you can see I had discovered some "revolutionary techniques" like using a trackpad instead of a mouse and nothing else. You can also see that I got the 10/10 epic swag gamer setup.

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First submitted run ever! - I've probably tried to speedrun a game once or twice but never timed or recorded.

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I had done 2 level runs before this, but here is my first full run.

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My first run was a Leaf Landing Warp Key 1 IL in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!.

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