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We, Giant Goblin Studio, is looking for gamers who want to make speed runs with our new indie game Ghost Hunters - A Bearded Adventure. The game has three small worlds and a secret world.

Ghost Hunters - A Bearded Adventure is inspired by games from the late 80s to early 90s. It is a fast paced 2D action game filled with ghastly enemies, absurd humor and big bosses.

YOU can get the game for FREE on gamejolt:

There are two reasons why we want gamers to low speed runs a our game. First, because we think speed runs are awesome and we're curious to how fast someone can beat the game! Second, we need to see gamers that really test and push our game, so we can get better at making games.

We are a small new indie game developer from Denmark, and we are happy to share all speed runs videos that are being made with our game on our Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, game website and so on. So you can get some views on your video.


Id check it out, but I dont have a PC.


Thank you. It's only a Windows game, hope it's a problem.