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how would you get live splits to work in vr, especially the hotkeys?


If the VR device is tethered to your PC then I’m assuming you would use LiveSplit just like always, although you’re not going to see it on your device for obvious reasons. Splitting might be hard depending on the game you’re playing, so it’s really up to you if it’s worth the hassle. You’re probably better off just timing the run after the fact.

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@TimmiluvsTimmiluvs You can see livesplit in VR. Not sure how they set it up but you can as seen in Half life alyx runs

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Unless I’m mistaken (I’ve never used VR), the runner isn’t seeing LiveSplit in their VR headset while playing the game. What you’re seeing in the runs is the runner capturing the gameplay from the headset and using a standard layout in OBS with LiveSplit.

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There is a way to see it, it attaches to one of your controllers in VR (people do the same thing to be able to see Twitch chat), unfortunately I also have no idea how this works.

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For my Espire 1 runs I add the splits later. Since I am on an Oculus Quest, there is no PC involved. I am working on getting a PC capture setup going (stupid HDCP) but until then I have to capture with the built in Quest recording, then use OBS and NWSplit to add the splits.

I tried capturing with SideQuest and using a mouse in my pocket to do the splits, but since I could not see the splits in the headset, I always messed up somewhere along the way and the splits were no good. I would need a second person to do the splits, and my kids aren't willing to help. 🙁 Sidequest streaming also is not good enough, because it is video only.

TLDR: Doing splits in real time with an Oculus Quest is very difficult. Add splits in post.


How would you recommend putting the splits in afterwards. (I'm doing runs of superhot vr on the quest).


You can add desktop windows as an overlay in the headset. With It can be done with the Oculus dashboard but it will always be in the same spot. You can also use OVR Toolkit with any headset and that allows you to also attach the window to your hand. Only problem is how do you split?

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