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I want to start speedrunning another platformer (under 2 hours to beat) any suggestions.

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Celeste ❤️
Pewdiepie: Legend of the brofist is nice to


Love, Kuso, The king's bird, Super lucky's tales, VThree, Wonder boys, the dragon trap, Yooka-laylee, Skylar and plux : adventure on clover island, Yoku's island express, Lint, Refunct, Ori and the blind forest.
Lots of platformer out there

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There's an obscure platformer called Super Mario 64 that needs some more love. Not enough runners.

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If you want something that is a bit more obscure, check out Super Lumi Live. As of this post, only 9 people have beaten that game. Any% WR is a bit under 1/2 hour, but there are other categories under 2 hours.


I second Cuttyflame's recommendations. In particular, The King's Bird. It's a technically deep and rewarding platformer with a solid art style and tight controls. It has 80+ individual levels (with leaderboards). It's been my speedgame of choice recently; I just got my first IL record a couple days ago. Aiming for records across the board. Lotsa fun, with many features to make life easier for speedrunners.

Also check out It's yet another technically deep platformer, and one I happen to have the WR for. It's free, and it tracks your time in-client, to the hundredth of a second. Technically it has 9 individual levels, but the run is so quick once you learn the route, you'll be aiming for <1 minute completion of the game (all 9 levels). It's still easy and fun to practice one level at a time, though.