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I want to be part of the Speedrun community, but there isn’t a category for Rogue Company Tutorial Speedrun, neither 100% nor any %, I think it could be a great game to add into the speedruns world. 😉


i submitted rogue company as a speed game its awaiting verification

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@Big_MukmukBig_Mukmuk Most likely that’ll get denied because it’s a multiplayer game which are generally not accepted under the current game request rules. I wish they were different, unfortunately we’re stuck with them.

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@GarshGarsh the thing is, is that Rogue Company has a tutorial and for games like CS:GO and TF2 they both are on and both have speedruns for the tutorials/gun range


The rules have gotten more strict over time. You can’t look to other leaderboards for guidance as to what will get accepted.

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I believe I currently hold the wr for tutorial speedrun

also, is there any site for rogue company speedruns?


Maybe a Google spreadsheet, I would dm one of the runners who requested the game up above


Sorry for bumping this old thread, there's a section for this game finally: