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post that in the games forums

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@TuttereyTutterey. He signed up 1 hour ago just to say this

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OK thks I don't know that, I'am sorry, and thks I find the good forum if you want delete this tread, i don't understand if it's glitch or cheat i find this strange!


@Badwolf_DrWhoBadwolf_DrWho Each game with a leaderboard has its own forums, you should address any issues specific to a game there. Most people in the general forums aren't familiar with any given game.

The Tormented Souls forum is here:

That said, if you're new to a game, you shouldn't assume that something you find strange is a sign of cheating. Based on this thread, it sounds like the shotgun glitch you describe is a known strat. So you'd be better off simply asking how they do it than coming with an accusatory tone.

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