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The longest I've ever completed was Super Mario Odyssey 100%, didn't bother recording or submitting it though.


Currently a 2:58:10 for Skylanders: Swap Force Wii Any%. Hoping to do an Skylanders: Swap Force Wii All Stars run (expected to last 5-8 hours) and a Labyrinth 2 All Awards speedrun (expected to last 33 hours) soon.

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My longest run finished was KH BBS All Stories Any% Beginner in 3 hours and 54 minutes. I was attempting to speedrun Last Ranker (PSP) some time ago, but it's a very long game even speedrunning, so I had to stop after 5 hours and 30 minutes because I was feeling very tired and bad in general.

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Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, around 6 years ago. My PB was 3 hours 15 minutes 32 seconds last time I ran it. Sadly, it may remain the longest speedrun I ever do, which is a shame. Long speedruns are a lot of fun to do and fun to watch.

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100% - 6:35:24

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I’m not a big fan of long speed runs, so the longest one I’ve done is almost 12 minutes long(and It’s a world record run too.)


All Islands speedrun of Poptropica. Took almost 14 hours.
And I'm dumb enough to do it again sometime next year.

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I've been casually working on Streets of Rage 2 as Blaze for a couple months now, though I haven't submitted anything here yet as I've been lazy about verifying my youtube (so no >15 minute videos for me). The question for me on this topic is—do I count the one run I recorded on Hard that got interrupted and therefore became segmented (~51:40), or my pb on Normal (37:10)? Either is much longer than anything currently on my profile.

I'm still not good enough to beat the game on the highest difficulties...

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Currently my longest run is about 7h to beat the Barbarian Campaign of Heroes of Might and Magic 1... which, although fast compared to the casual playthroughs I've seen, is still abysmal. I wasn't as prepared as I should have been, but I also knew I didn't have the attention span to practice much more before I lost my will to do it. Things that I were overconfident in went wrong.
Someone who's better at the game could easily beat me, and I eagerly await that day because I would love to see a more deserving run as the world record. 🙂

However, I also plan on eventually doing Petz Dogz 2 (Wii/PS2) 100%. This will probably take something like 14 hours, but that number could very massively because the majority of the run is a nightmare of RNG fishing that could be a lot faster... or a lot slower. Before I do the run, I'm doing a lot of preperation of where to fish at what times, memorising optional item placements, and the like. It'll be a while and... to be honest, I'll still probably underprepare myself because I'm good at that. I don't think I'll regret it, though!

EDIT: the 14 hours estimate was made back when I only had a PAL copy so it'll probably be a bit faster in practice just because the NTSC version is 60hz but still very long

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There was actually a thread on this from 4 years ago that people shared a lot of runs in (in case anyone is interested in long runs and wants to see more):

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Shining Soul - Any% Warrior in 3:20:05, which for me is insanely long. I tend to stick to shorter games, or simply just IL's so this run was super tiring for me! I'm still glad to have done a long run like this, to sort of test my own limits.

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I like to run short games, usually up to 15 minutes. My longest run so far was in a platformer web-game "Amidst the Sky" in 100% category, slightly below 30 minutes.
However, I am routing and preparing a speedrun for an old RPG-maker game called "Ahriman's Prophecy" (currently not on the site). The runs will take about 1:30-2:15 hours, depends on using major glitches or not. Casual playthroughs for that game usually take 20-30 hours, so I'm really happy that I managed to find ways to make the game much shorter than that. I never speedrun those sorts of games before, so I'm excited to see how it will turn out at the end when I'll get to it.

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My longest run was Super Mario 3D World Any%. I counted the hours and minutes and I got a 51:38. I rarely do console runs tho.

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My longest speedrun used to be a 1h 49m 33s in the "All Dimensions" category in "ROBLOX: Speed Run 4". That was until late November when I did a 100% speedrun of a Mario 64 ROM hack named "Super Mario Star Road". The speedrun took me about 4 1/2 hours.

(Also, sorry for necroposting.)


Alright, now my longest speedrun is 7:51:57 for Skylanders: Giants 100%. It was a blind speedrun, and my time ended up being beaten by almost 3.3 hours after two days, but I couldn't be happier. I really committed to pushing myself and stuck it out to the end.

Hopefully one day I get to run this category again; it was actually really fun. Definitely going to aim for sub-6 hours, maybe even sub-5.5. 🙂


my longest run is OoT 100% 16hours but that didnt finish
my longest completed run is oot glitchless in 7h50m