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2 nights ago I submitted a run of smb1 fire Mario 1-1 and it got accepted. I was on the leaderboards at 114th place and my record was exactly 35.000 seconds. Now I go to the page and my record is gone from both the leader boards and my profile. I never got a letter of rejection and my record was there this morning at like 1pm EST. Is there a reason for it to be gone


those are the 2 runs you currently have submitted:

if neither of those 2 is the one you're looking for you most likely deleted it yourself,
a moderator can't delete your run, only reject it.


Yeah the run I'm trying to find is neither of those yet I think I know what happened

(edited: )

You updated/edited the run. So it went back into verification.

Originally the run comment for this run:

was: "Recorded using OBS and played on FCEUX. external mouse used to start and stop recording at 0:00 and 1:38."
now it's just: Recorded using Bandicam. Emulator is FCEUX.

And the video was originally this:

The mods did nothing to your run.

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