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(firstly, please don’t reply “who are you”) hello all, i am going to quit speedrunning for good. maybe after a couple gd world or subzero runs, i am completely done. i have spent the last 7-8 months of my life on this site, not realizing how amazing it was. thank you to everyone on this site, and sorry for my immaturity. sorry to everyone i picked on for “necroposting” or “being an idiot on forums”. special thanks to @Cookie1284Cookie1284, @Jabber47Jabber47, @UnsaidPanda6296UnsaidPanda6296, @TuttereyTutterey and all of the geometry dash speedrunners for massive inspiration in moto x3m, gd, and other games. i know this is probably not the right place on src for this thread, but yeah. i hope when i see this site grow and improve when i graduate college.

love you all ❤️ 🙂

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Why are you quitting? Most people get worned off after a long time speedrunning, but you can always take a break and return once you've got enough rest.

I hope you don't quit, since this is such an amazing hobby that teaches us a lot about our favorite games and makes us challenge ourselves and others in order to improve and get better and better times. 🙂

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I might return. Maybe after a while but you can still contact me on discord if you want lol. Thanks for all the support guys 😀

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Don't worry we all make mistakes improve and become better people for the most part (hopefully people do and I'm speaking from experience with having to grow and learn from mistakes every day.).

Never give up if you feel like stepping away from speedrunning it's fine it happens burnout and IRL things cause a lot of us to step away here and there. Just remember to take care of yourself have fun enjoying games. I may just be someone at random replying to this but I'm someone that at least tries to hear people out. So enjoy the break, come back refreshed and see if there's any other games that you might enjoy as a run. The only thing I'd ask is that you help pass along info to those that might want to try and run the games you have run and help keep an eye in anything you might be helping with speedrunning wise. Good luck to you and here's hoping everything else goes well.

(This is all being said in a way to help show that people do care even if they might not know anything about what's going on.)

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