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I'm totally new into speedrunning so I have a question!

So, I basically just have to have a vod and I could submit a run?

Thanks in advance!


If you timed the run you can submit it to the game under the game page and then the moderator(s) for the leaderboard will accept it or deny it.
The video is the proof of the run so it can be twitch or YT (or video sites i dont know about).


I have a question. I recorded a run with shadowplay as i don't have twitch or a youtube channel. Is there a way i can send the recorded video?

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I think so far the site has embedded players for Twitch and Youtube, so you can always create a Youtube account, upload it there, and send it.

If there's any other video service supported by the site, I'm not aware of them.


I just created an youtube account and it's uploading as i type this! I'm so happy. 😛 Thanks for the reply.


I have a question about time. My total time was 9 something for the video but my in-game time was 7:36 which was like 9 seconds faster then first but i got placed 3rd because of my video time. Shouldn't that be a first since my in-game time was better then the first guys?


The other runners have their in-game times as their real time on the leaderboards (whether that's what they did, or whether the game had in-game time added after they had submitted and so their time was made real-time by default, I don't know). You'll have to either ask for the other times to have their in-game time on the in-game time part of the leaderboards, or resubmit your run with your in-game time as your real time.


What if you speedrun a game that's not in the list? How can you submit the run for that game?


You just request the game to be added. Also, try to not necro a one year old post, it's just kind of weird. It would be better if you just made a new post. 🙂

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"Submitting a run", RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE!

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i dont have youtube, twitch, or ANYTHING else is there a way i can submit speedruns without creating an account for that


why would you necro a thread, instead of creating a new thread :thinking:

and no, most of the boards require video-proof to get approved, therefore take your time and create one.
it's not that hard.

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Another way is to create the video (OBS, Windows 10 record, cringe Screencastify) and then upload it to OneDrive or Google Drive and get a shareable link.

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Why answer a question that was already answered?

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