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in my own opinion, the ULTRAKILL game needs a new Glitchless% category. Because clipping through walls and finding the drophole through the blackness of the void seems just a tad bit unnecessary to me. who agrees with me?


I would if you didn't put a % at the end of the word Glitchless.

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Hi, I've asked similar questions on the UltraKill Discord server (in my case I was asking about an 100% category).

The mods are totally open to new categories, you just have to be willing to run them. In my case there was no current desire to run 100% over P% so nobody had done it yet, and likely probably a similar story for glitchless.

I've sent you a private message with the discord server, I'd post it here but they've been having spambot problems recently, so the dev has requested that people don't post the server publicly.

EDIT: I should have mentioned this too, this has already been discussed on the game's subforum, check out the thread here:

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