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ask the HL forum.

also, probably because it takes a long time, features no real game play, and can be skipped, so why not?

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I've never played Half Life (I know, disown me), but skips in speedruns aren't exactly uncommon.


yeah kinda cheating - lets skip other parts of the games which not present real gameplay why not? lolol


It is not cheating, the intro to the game serves no purpose in this speedrun. There are no super strats to make the train go any faster so its just wait for 5 minutes until the train comes to a stop. The same thing is done in many games where theres a pointless wait until the actual gameplay starts. Cheating would be something like using scripts to bunny hop or abh or something along those lines.

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If you’re that concerned about it, bring it up with the actual HL runners

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It's literally the equivalent of pressing pause to skip a cutscene. If that counts as cheating then you must have a problem with hundreds of other games too.

But the HL forum gave you your answer already so idk why you chose to ignore it and post here Mr. Newaccount

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