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Hey just have some questions:

If i have a run on my pc, how can i submit it to ?

And if it's recorded with a poor phone and the stopwatch is on another phone in the field of view of the camera, does it matter ?


Upload it to Youtube or Twitch, then fill out the submit form on a game's leader board.

Should be fine so long as:
1. The submission follows the rules for the game and category in question.
2. The video quality is passable enough to be able to tell what's going on.
3. The video covers the entire run without interruption.

Having a timer is not a requirement on most (sane) boards.
There are a few highly competitive games that require you to stream your attempts, but for a vast majority of games, this should be fine.


In general, if you have a video, upload it to YouTube and submit it.

Whether specific aspects of the video are acceptable for a run would depend on the game. If I were you, and if the game was on the site already, I would ask that question to its moderators.


Search for the game you want in the search box, go to the game's page, then click the submit button on the top right corner of the game's leaderboard to get to the form.

The button is labeled "Submit Run".