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A few weeks ago, I discovered this amazing game for mobile speedrunning. It's a platformer designed to be fast. It has a in game timer, and 40 great levels to play. If I remember correctly, it's only about 10 megabytes and can be played laglessly on as low as Android 3.0. If anyone does mobile speedrunning, you should definitely check the game out. It only takes 5 minutes to learn 😃

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I appreciate it Grumble, I am very competitive and seeing only myself on the leaderboard demotivates me xD

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I definitely recommend the sequel to anyone interested in mobile speedrunning - there's a decent growing community around this game (

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i recommend cat bird for mobile speedruns


Thank you @MrVirusYT for putting Speed Run and Speed Run 2 game on the Speedrun site !!
You are amazing and I love both games very much.
I am currently both King and God in Speed Run and Speed Run 2.