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All of these games are available on BlueMaxima Flashpoint
1. The Unfair Platformer
2. Trials 2 Flash Preview
3. Balloon in a Wasteland
4. Treasure Box
5. Lakeview Cabin
6. Monster's Den: Book of Dread
7. Manufactoria
8. Dismantlement Radio
9. Humbug
10. Thing Thing
11. Clop
12. Synopsis Quest
13. Zombie Inglor
14. Toss the Turtle
15. Jahooma's Logic Box
16. Warbears
17. Double Wires
18. Battalion Nemesis
19. Nicholas' Weird Adventure
20. The Dead Case

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@The_CatanatorThe_Catanator I've done a speedrun of Nicolas' Weird Adventure 😛

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Oh wow it actually worked

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@TRLittleToasterTRLittleToaster Unless @Patrick_BarrettPatrick_Barrett played it so fast he traveled back in time, this thread didn't have anything to do with him running that game.


Nah, it's not on you, Barrett's a time traveler

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@Oreo321Oreo321 Lol, agreed