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i am still looking for video games to any suggestions

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You might want to check out this thread, since it's the main spot for people to advertise their speedgames in.

However, in the event you want something more tailored to your tastes, we'd need to know more about what exactly you're looking for:
• What genre of games would you be interested in?
• How long would you like the run to be?
• Are you looking for unoptimized games with potential to find new strats, or would you prefer a game with a lot of top-level competition?
• What platforms do you have at your disposal?
• Are you looking for free games or do you have a budget?

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@PearPear Ahh I see, I was unaware of that thread. Thanks!

So, from what I gathered from that thread, the OP's preferences seem to be:
• A game with an Any% time between 30-55 minutes
• Not related to Sonic because they find it cringe
• Possible Platforms: Web and Nintendo Switch

I do have games that fit the first two criterias amongst the ones I've ran in the past, but sadly I'm afraid they are not webgames nor are they playable on the switch, so I'm out of suggestions here. Good luck with your search!

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