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There is a 22h "speedrun" for final fantasy 6 no sketch run. Also somehow a 16 hour run was accepted for mario 64. That is probably up there.

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Or this would have given you the result if you used 2 min of your time

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lol yea Baten Kaitos 100%. It is that long for some stupid item right?


Shampoo takes 2 weeks (336 hours) to turn into Splendid Hair or something like that.

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Really all you have to do is start any run for any game, leave it running, and finish a few weeks later

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The FAQ pastebin for Baiten Kaitos 100% is here (on the same page as the run btw).

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If I understand it correctly due to the sugar lumps system that cookie clicker now has, a 100% "speed"run of that would take a few hundred days. Very likely not single-segment tho...

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@Mitsunee I've always pictured someone writing a TAS to do that.

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If you're up for a particularly long run, feel free to do Animal Crossing 100%, no save+quit, no item codes.

Though I think for longest speedrun they mean like, longest it takes to beat fast. Not someone taking 20+ hours to do a SM64 run or something. That said, there are quite a few runs on this site that have WR times all within the 12-20 hour range.

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Today I learned that people still use this thread to get the reply to this question, because it appears in the top results of Google for example. So I'm gonna make a reply because holy heck things have changed in 3 years.

First, the Baten Kaitos 100% World Record is now 338 hours 43 minutes and 26 seconds to this day. BUT in case it gets improved and I didn't update this message, I'm going to link the 100% LeaderBoards and not the link of my current WR:

Second, there are longer runs than this, even if they are debatable. The one that comes to my mind immediately is for the game Spider:
Rite of the Shrouded Moon, with the category 100%, that is 528 hours long
(But personally I would call this category "100% No Time Manipulation" because as the name implies you cannot change the clock of your PC for this category, and that makes it debatable because it's an added constraint. And if Time Manipulation was a thing in Baten Kaitos 100%, it would then be much faster.)
For more explanation about all of this:

And of course, don't even start with the Theoretical Longest Speedruns. There are hundreds that would be longer in theory. EZScape made a video about it:

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Absolute mad lads 😃

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A challenge defiend by the "longest time" isnt a speedrun though @PowerofdanPowerofdan

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Botw 100% is also a very long run. The wr is 18 hours or something. Unless you just want to torture yourself, I wouldn't suggest running it


Digimon World 2 Any%'s WR currently stands at 16h 59m, but it used to sit at a comfortable 24h mark.


As far as I know, since I have seen no mention of this, the longest timed speedrun is Animal Crossing: New Horizons "Golden Rod, No Time Travel" in 6173:01:32

Soooo... yeah.


However, this type of run is not featured. The normal golden rod run uses time travel, so the WR must be somewhere around 6 hours.


and the all golden tools WR is a little under 30 hours long.