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Hi guys. I've started speedrunning last week and I can't get the WSplit right. I can't inject it into the game so I can't see it at the left side of the screen as you guys do. I've search on the forums and I can't find nothing either. What should I do? Thanks in advance!! Regards.


to put wsplit on your stream you need to window capture it into OBS, if you don't have a second monitor than you'll have to put the game into a smaller resolution in window mode and have to deal with that.


WSplit doesn't have hotkeys for splitting when its not the focused window afaik, maybe you should look into LiveSplit if you play pc games. Alternatively, you can use Autohotkey and this script for WSplit.


WSplit works just fine when not the focussed window. Generally you do need to run it as admin to work though. Unless you can't do that for whatever reason, that script is completely superfluous.