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1. Cut the insults. That was totally unnecessary.
2. How should I know? I don't play it. I can see they're only a regular mod and not a super mod so maybe XYX added them to help.

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The question has been answered twice now on these forums. This should be locked before it devolves into the same mud slinging as the last post on this game. There is a google doc use it.

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Real talk, how much should we pay the site to get this god-tier game uploaded? Because Im down to crowd source it

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This game is not going to get added, even if you attempt to pay the site.

If you did, it may incentivize others to bribe the site/site staff in order to have their games accepted, even if they don't follow the game request rules. Safe to say that many members of and I are greatly opposed to this idea.

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Mr. Krabs Overdoses on Ketamine is the best speedrunning game, this site will die if it doesn't get added.


A little overdramatic today, aren't we?

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Interesting, two more brand new accounts that joined just to comment on threads about this game. That makes four now.

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Seriously that is enough peeps. No matter what you say, especially with the constant repeats, the mods decisions are final. Just stop, accept the mods decision, and be happy you at least have some place for run submissions. I will admit, i do understand the feeling of a game not getting onto the site, wether they were popular games or not, but like i said before, mods have their understandable reasons why it's not getting added. Enough with the drama please!


Technically it's not final. As was posted previously, the mods said in the previous thread they are open to appeals. Just through a structured process and not people flooding the forums with rehashed arguments and exaggerated praise.

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