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Hello everybody, I'm SongofSoil!
I'm here to offer a challenge and reward for those who love breaking games especially those with no previous speedruns!

For questions concerning the challenge you can message me on discord:

[$150 Bounty]
[Game: Fearmonium]
[Catagory: Any%]

This game has no SRC Page, the fastest time I can find for a full playthrough is 6:38:05

I love metriodvanias and enjoy seeing speedruns of them and figured why not give a very obscure game a chance in the spotlight.


RTA Timing

Timer Starts upon creating a new save file.

Timer Ends after defeating Lady Depression and entering the Hot air Balloon basket.

Updated rule - The run does not need to be streamed but must be posted to

Fastest time by March 1st gets the prize!]

*Edit -
Just an update the developer of the game has started promoting the event!

The reason for the deadline: I'll be doing these every month and want to focus on different projects instead of keeping the same event open especially if it doesn't get any involvement.

The next event will be posted in March with a 2 week deadline as well.

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"Must be STREAMED", just like MoistCritical you're limiting who can join! Not everyone has good enough internet for streaming!

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I've been getting that a lot so I will update that rule. I rather this be a more open ended event for everyone.

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Hello there! Fearmonium's developer is here!
Your idea is awesome! I love speedruns, but I'm not familiar with the rules of your community so I think I should ask a permission to promote this event on my twitter account and on steam store page.
May I do it?

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Yes you can! Thank you so much!

Also fantastic game, I'm excited to see the runs. ❤️


Great, thanks!
I think I found an easy way to earn $150 as I can beat my game fast af
Just kidding, I won't do it 😊
Don't you plan to add more time? I think 1st March is too soon.
But it's up to you. Just let me know if you decide to change the deadline.

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You'd be surprised what speedrunners can do in 2 weeks.

If nothing happens by that time I'll push the date out but it seem we already have a couple of people beginning to route.


We are approaching the final hours of the event, sadly no runs have been submitted.

With no participation I've come to the conclusion the game was too hard and too long for the prize pool I had set, so the next game I promote will be a much shorter run (-30 mins) and I will be offering double the amount $300 or more.

I'll be posting the next event on March 5th (this will also be promoted by the devs.)

I hope to see some runs this time as I believe this will be a very fair and rewarding event. ❤️

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