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Online updates to the game made all world records impossible to beat.

I notified the mods and at a loss where to go from here.

There must be other situations like this , what did they do to make the game competitive again?

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You could separate sub-categories by version (so, one sub-category for the new version and another for the old version), and in the event you can't opt to run the old faster version the old version sub-category would work as an "archive" of sorts.

Did a major glitch/skip get patched?

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The game in question is dc universe online. There was an update In august that essentially nerfed everyone’s stats.

I understand what you’re saying but do you happen to have a specific game I can look at for example, I’m not a mod so I don’t know the options for categories so it would be difficult to explain to the mods for this game what to do.


Hypixel series (Hypixel SkyBlock, Hypixel Server Parkour, Hypixel SkyWars, etc) has seen multiple updates that affected speedrunning, mods just wipe the category every time it happens. Not the right approach in my opinion, sometimes when a category gets outdated it gets archived or moved to Category Extensions and then archived there.

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Originally posted by ImJustSaiyanBrodo you happen to have a specific game I can look at for example

As an example you could take a look at Minecraft Java Edition which has the Any% category divided in 3 sub-categories spanning a variety of versions, since a few versions have changed stuff in the game in a way that made it so runners had to alter their strats very noticeably.

In this case all versions are available to the player, so rather than archiving runs these sub-categories exist merely as a separation and not as an archive.
Since DCUO doesn't have the option to revert to any version of your choosing, I think you could still use this method and just have the "old version" sub-category just be frozen (since noone will be able to play that anymore) and show the "new version" sub-category by default.

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For a specific example of an archived category for old versions, see the v1.x sub-categories of Unlock Everything. It's not that complex—put the runs currently on the leaderboard that took place on the old version in the archived category, put "don't submit" in the rules and reject/fix any submissions to that category.

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Thanks to everyone who has helped with this, I’m posting the link to this in our dc universe forum discussion about what to do so if anyone else has opinions, examples or ideas, keep them coming,

Thanks 🙏


on behalf of the DCUO Mods, thank you for all your contributions and suggestions

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