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Basically I wanted to buy a PS2 that would run my NTSC games as mine only supports PAL. However I believe this console has been modded to be region free, would a modded console be allowed to be used to run games if it is only to allow certain formats to be played? Here's a link to what I was thinking of buying


You'll probably have to ask the community for the particular game(s) you plan on running.


Yeah I will do that thank you


What Shiken said. However, I don't think it matters since it doesn't change the speed. I speak out of experience 😮

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If all it's doing is letting you play region free games, then I can't see why it wouldn't be allowed.

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It depends how it’s being made region free. Some community’s allow the use of Swap Magic since it’s just some extra software to bypass region locking, however this PS2 looks more questionable than that. This looks like it’s running some kind of custom homebrew and that might be a bit more of a question mark. Custom homebrew might have more effects on games than something like Swap Magic.

It’s still up the community obviously, but be careful with it because you can’t assume every community would be okay with something this modded.