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I wanna request a game called daytona usa 2001 and rocket pods cyber octane but I don't know how to be a moderator. Help me please.

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1 you need 2 social media so people have 2 ways to contact you if you dont respond in sr.c
2 To be a moderator you need to run the game and know the game in the first place. After getting to know the game you have to request it if its not in the site. This video can help you with the submission If the game gets accepted you will be the moderator and you will have to do 5 things:
1) Deciding the categories: The common categories are completing the game as fast as possible and completing it while completing everything else. If the game can be divided into segments you can create a “segments” category with variables to use as subcategories for each segment, you can use the Individual Levels board for each level in the game etc.
2) Creating the rules: The rules have to be understandable. You dont have to say the things listed in the general site rules like “no cheating” but you have to include what the purpose of the category is, the timing rules, if you require audio and more specifications if necessary
3) Finish setting up the leaderboards: After creating the rules and categories you should add the logo that will appear on the site as well as custom icons for 2st, 2nd and 3rd places instead of the standard trophies at the background.
4) Verify runs: Moderators have to verify and retime runs. To verify runs you just watch them to see if they follow the rules and to retime you use a tool to watch the specific frame where the run starts and ends (if the game doesnt have a built in timer).
5) Define the bases of the community: You should create a discord server for people to discuss strats and you can advertise the game in other places (for example: if its a mobile game you can advertise in the mobile speedrunning discord and you can always advertise any game in the advertisement thread).
After that youre good to go. If more people run the game you can look for new mods who are in the community. If you have more questions you can ask me or other people like vypr who are active in the forums

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1.) Because people need a way to contact you where you'd actually get a notification, SRC messaging is pretty new and not everyone constantly checks up on the site.
2.) Catching cheaters is generally done by watching each run very carefully and thoroughly and looking for things only possible with cheats. You can also slow down runs, look for audio/video splicing, and look for anything off about a run. Depending on the game you could also ask suspected cheaters for relevant files to a run. Generally catching cheaters is very difficult.

3.) I'd recommend looking at the FAQs since both of these questions were answered there to some degree by clicking here.

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