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48:02 was the time of my very first speedrun, though I did spend multiple minutes looking at the route.

I've thankfully brought the time down to 8:49.


59:12 is the longest I've done, brought that run down to 46:43 now though. I dont really have the patience to do runs that last too much longer than an hour


Is there time to drink during such long runs without wasting time, or do you spare a few seconds? I guess it might differ per game, but I'd like to hear. 🙂


@607 You can usually drink while the game loads, when skipping text or even while walking when you only need to walk in one direction (you don't need 2 hands for that...), there are other similar moments like that.

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@607 And also during unskippable cutscenes which is a good thing.

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39 hours, RTA, the only times I stepped away from the game were food/bathroom breaks. At the time of completion this was actually the longest finish time on any SRL race to date, though it's since been surpassed by a few other marathon races (GTA 100% trilogy had a 66 hour finish time, I recall, and the Yugioh Forbidden Memories 100% lasted 5 days with sleep breaks before SRL admins shut it down) but I think it's still the longest first place time. And it is a genuine first place- Zorasknight dropped out 33 hours in when it was clear I was going to finish first by a lot.

This is my current PB for the category, coming in about 10 hours faster. I'm going to knock it under 24 someday, but it's very hard to find the time to do a run 😛

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Did a 5 hour speedrun of Civilization on SNES yesterday. That's my new longest for now.


ff7, it was long af cus i tested stuff out that run


Attempted a 100% FF8 run long while back got 8 hrs in and could not finish it, do not have that much time anymore to do runs much longer then 4 or 5 hrs.
But I am looking at doing Legaia runs and I've already started on the runs for the first 3rd of the game which is around 2-3hrs.
Currently I run OG NieR which is roughly 4hrs for Any% and maybe at some point All Endings which is estimated close to 10hrs.
as for as the runs mentioned I still mostly run games that take at least and Hour or more to do, but smaller stuff would be nice if I find something.


SMG2 242 was the longest game i ever did with a time of 16:26. Thats hours and minutes. I'll be taking part in a 602 in 2 weeks, which is the longest marathon i will do ever. My estimate for that is 29:15:03

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My longest was 12h it was a casual blind any% run of A link between worlds when it first came out at launch and fun fact it is the first game i ever preordered. The second longest would be my Bleach: the blade of fate 100% run which was 6 hours and 5min long.


The only game I ran so far was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GC), and that was at 2:51 I think it was. I since improved it with a time of 2:47:07, but have yet to submit the video. I will get to it soon.


My longest run is Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival desert island escape easy in 1h 55m 04s. I do plan on running danganronpa 2 full game so that time will turn into a 6~7 hour run.


A 4:15:00 run for an RPG on the Game Boy called 'Knight Quest'. ...but I have my eyes on a few Dragon Quest games that could go into the 8-9 hour mark. Yay!


My longest run so far is 2:15 for Pokemon Red, ut will be Final Fantasy 7. A few of you all on here are insane. . . .39 hour run, mad respect to you.


9:11:51 for Colin McRae Rally 2.0 on PC - 100% Category
Yeah that's right a rally game played for over 9 hours straight XD