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Outside the gates of Valhalla, square up @11


I’m currently a bit busy with your mother.
Go make me a pizza while you wait.

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"And one of you even joked about another user sucking their..."

hey tbf, OP told them to

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Reread the thread and use less buzzwords next time and maybe I'll care.

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"there was a similar thread to this one 2 weeks ago, where people actually discussed and played around with the idea"

The other thread was someone asking if it was appropriate and necessary to update titles of former WRs when they were beaten, with respect to their own runs. And people weighed in with their thoughts about it.
This was some new guy with no experience in the community accusing one of the GOATs of deliberately disrespecting another GOAT by not making such a change. And then proceeding to claim credit for causing the change despite evidence to the contrary.

And yes, I did make a dick sucking joke. Because OP said it first and said other user had already responded to that comment. Said other user also called me out already for doing it and I acknowledged their issue with it.

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Originally posted by DeschThis could have been an opportunity to help this guy and put him on the right track, but no, it's much more fun to make fun of him. Some of you were completely out of line:

read the first page of the thread

"We can't do anything here, I recommend just dm'ing cheese himself or discuss this in the sm64 forums "

"Cheese, batora, simply, taggo, etc. etc. are actually friends. Cheese isn't being a dick to batora, he just forgot to update the title. Cheese has made several tweets congratulating batora and also made a reaction video to it."

"The fact that you and not Batora is posting about this should tell you that you shouldn’t bother^^"

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@DeschDesch you do realize he’s trolling right


Originally posted by Desch
it's such a treat to see grown adults taking out their pent-up frustrations on a child

I’ll bet my life that 90% of the people here are not grown adults. The fuck do you know lol.

Edit 2: Ratio

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Originally posted by DeschIt's such a treat to see grown adults taking out their pent-up frustrations on a child

i am literally a youngling

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OP's thread is the equivalent of the annoying random youtuber who isn't a speedrunner, but he googled world record and found something to complain about (they always do). Of course people were going to criticize him, since no one in the whole of the speedrunning community, or the sm64 community care. He's causing trouble for no reason but to do so. It's especially obvious when he then wants to argue that he some how had some impact on something he's not a part of. It's comical, but w/e.

Yeah I'm taking the piss out of the thread, but OP isn't innocent either. If he can't handle the banter, and if you @DeschDesch can't handle the banter, the internet might not be for you. Next time just post it on twitter dude, and if you really care just report the people that upset you.

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A person who "wants a thread to end by page 2" usually quits responding to posts irrelevant to the topic at hand. How did this get 5 pages long? Probably because some of the comments expressed hit a chord. Even a teenager understands internet philosophy, I'm parent to two of the things; and I'm confident in saying they can make their point and get out before demanding other people perform sex acts.

My two this is 5 pages!

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can we reach 6?

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also @DeschDesch you run minecraft java therefore you are invalid (i ran java but that was because i cant get bedrock on linux yet)

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Originally posted by danger_
also @DeschDesch you run minecraft java therefore you are invalid


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careful, he might take that personally

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us 5 days ago: "batora plays minecraft"
us now: "desch plays minecraft"

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i like how Desch has just derailed this thread even more

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