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Given your extremely lax approach to speedrunning and competition, I'm not quite sure why you're on a site like this. You don't want to show any proof for a run, so why are you even here?

I'm overweight with a dodgy foot. Is there an Olympic event I can take part in? I care more about the community than the competition, and I think you're an asshole for saying I can't take part.

Actually, that's a bad example. Your situation makes even less sense than that. The thing you're asking for is exactly why people like Todd Rogers were able to prosper. Because no-one cared enough to want actual proof.

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part of the problem is that you're forcing people who want to speedrun competitively to not be able to. you can't speedrun competitively if you have no idea if your competition is even legitimate. you can't be competitive in a lax setting.

you can, however, be lax in a competitive setting. there's no one stopping you from just comparing to yourself, without the leaderboards. hell, you can still compare to others without proof, for yourself. no one can compare against you though, not accurately, if they even believe you.

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Hey @Bemels, I understand where you're coming from, but the other side to this from a community perspective is that it's actually a disservice to the rest of the community to have runs that can't be properly verified.

Certainly there can be exceptions, and some communities prefer an honors system that doesn't require verification anyways, but in general it tends to hurt the rest of the runners to not be able to see where folks did things right and wrong, and what strategies were used. It also hurts the board history as you can't see how strategies have evolved in the course of an individuals runs, and it also hurts the runner themselves, as they can't see exact spots they need to work on, and can't ask for feedback. On top of all that, it's also disheartening to new runners who might go to great lengths to legitimatize their runs to be beaten by a picture.

Like folks have mentioned, the bar is not high.

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DS speedrunning is kind of a mixed bag, in two ways. The first being capture is expensive, but the second being that some boards have such low proof standards that even if I did have the equipment required to actually capture and run the games I wanted to, I'd probably also willingly choose not to participate because the boards are just that much of a mixed bag. Not all games are too bad really, but there are some that are just so far over the tipping point proof wise that there is just no going back.

I don't know how else to say this without coming off as a ass, and I don't want it to come off that way, but lower proof standards to me (at least in extreme cases) has always just given me the impression there's a lack of care with the board, and only because once you start infesting the board with zero proof runs... what are the chances mods would care period at that point about proofcalling, unless it's WR or a top 3 time?

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Seems like everybody is completely misunderstanding what i am saying, Look at the Kamiko board, we have around 30 runs in our most popular category. Two of those are only verified by pictures, and guess what, they would be the slowest runs even if we would time the game by in hame time but we don't, so the runs automatically drop to the last spot. In my opinion it's better to include those runs rather than outright reject them, so far no one has complained about them on discord or the board.


And that's your standard. Most communities care about proof for every run, because we want to maintain a high standard.

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@Bemels So? That doesn't make it the right way.


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