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I don't own PSOne/PSX, but I have couple runs done so far, in submission, should I mark run played with emulator or no? So far I have marked it as "Emulator played", because I've wanted to be sure. But is here any one with specific anwser to question?
Thanks in advance 🙂

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If you played the game on an emulator, then yes, you should check the "Emulator" box.

I misunderstood the question, yeah backwards compatibility is generally not marked as emulation, but check with the community for whatever game(s) you run.


You played ps1 games using your ps2?

Even if it's technically emulation, it's often not considered an emulator run.

Check with each game's community, there's no universal standard in this matter.


You put down the platform you played the game on. So playing a PS1 game on a PS2 means the platform is PS2. Backwards compatible PS3 or VC there would be PS3 (or PSN, depending on the setup), and you'd only put PS1 (emu) if you played on an emulator, such as epsxe.

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Yeah, backwards compatibility is a feature the console makers included on purpose so it is not emulation.

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Yeah, backwards compatibility is a feature the console makers included on purpose so it is not emulation.

Not entirely true. Some models of PS3 for example were backwards compatible through software emulation within the system itself. So, technically speaking (and me nitpicking on details), it is emulation, but it’s official emulation similar to the Wii VC. In those cases the point still stands that it’s not listed as “emulator” for LB purposes. That’s reserved to 3rd party software for playing games on a computer - like everyone else has been saying, official emulation and backwards compatibility are just listed as that console itself, not emulator.

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Whilst PS2 isn't marked as emulation in the platform section typically, technically playing a PS1 game on the later PS2 slim models is emulation as the older models emulated PS1 hardware.

For the PS3s, both US and Japan models were full hardware emulation if I recall correctly, whereas the EU PS3 didn't have full hardware emulation and it was 50/50 Hardware/software, meaning EU PS3s with PS2 disc probably run slower. Europe basically got screwed over again.