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Fun flash game with different gamemodes at different difficulties. The All Difficulties category is the most fun to run in my opinion.


A very cool game to speedrun, Soda Crisis. It has lots of fast-paced run n’gun action platforming fun. Your character is very agile and able to run up walls, wall-jump, dodge-roll, sprint, use grapple hooks and fire in all directions. As you progress you also unlock upgrade modules that you can switch out to suit your playstyle and give you an edge over the enemy hordes.
You can watch its trailer to get a quick overview of it:
And play the Soda Crisis’s free demo on steam now!

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Hi everyone 🙂 .
I´m Alex and last year I founded a small indie game studio with two of my friends in Hamburg, Germany. Now we released our free demo of "Turbo Shell" on Steam.
If this looks interesting to you, we hope you have a great time with this preview version.
It´s a fast paced precision plattformer with a new movement mechanic where - instead of running and jumping - you´ll push and pull your way through the currently 16 maps in three different difficulty modes.

Here you can download the demo on steam:
And here is our trailer on YouTube if you wanna check out what the gameplay is all about beforehand:

We also implemented ghosts and a leaderboard where everyone can also watch the runs of other players.
Thanks for your attention, stay healthy, have some fun and let us know what you think 🙂 .

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Great 2 games that I suggest to everyone is score! Hero and Score! Hero 2. This shows the score hero season 1 wr which is phenomenal and the discord for the score! Games

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There's this game called "House" that doesn't really have active speedrunners so I thought I should let you guys know about it


You guys should check out Zombie Dawn speedruns! Zombie Dawn is a former-flash game created by Jagex (same people as Runescape)! The game is extremely fun and has a lot of room for improvement. If you are interested, here is a link to the game posting! Check it out if you want a fresh leaderboard to get your hands on. 🙂

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im suspecting a bot

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Hello Everyone,

we are Studio Moondowner and we are currently working on our debut project "Afterthought".

It is a highly technical 2D-platformer with a variety of powers to combine and create advanced movement. We would love for this community to pick up our game and make some crazy speedruns. We added leaderboards and ghosts that can be downloaded and raced against.

Here is a gameplay trailer:

We have a free demo on Steam out right now:

Thanks for everything.

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Wow, I come back to the site after a two month break from speedrunning and this thread is still alive? Almost 6K views! Keep the games coming!

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Pretty fun game, worth giving it a try.

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i made a new speedrun site, open for new games and more mods, im currently working on it:

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I have recently submitted a game that I would like people to play
(Note: this leaderboard isn't for maps, here is the maps one:

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Hello there!

It's been more than a week since we released 'A Night at the Races' to Nintendo Switch!

It's a reflex based runner-platformer hybrid, encased in an narrative adventure, and this version has its own leaderboards! (One global leaderboard and separate leaderboards for each replayable level)

Aaaaan on top of this, our publisher is now doing a worldwide tournament, giving 30 $ / € eShop card to the top 3 player on the global leaderboards (inside the game, not's own listings).

The game is also on steam (released on 2019), but tournament I've told above only applies to Switch version (Pc version has no leaderboards but it has achievements, and handles default difficulty a bit different, for those wondering).

Thanks for reading!


Nintendo Switch:
More about current tournament:
Steam: (again, this version is not checked for current tournament) page:

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Please fix that absolutely egregious link if at all possible

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Super Mario 127 is the sequel to the beloved flash game Super Mario 63 and yesterday it managed to get its own page. The game is still in demo but it already features many sample stages to choose from to speedrun, each one having its own tricks to going fast. If you feel like the sample stages aren't your cup of tea, don't worry because this game has an amazing level designer where you can create your own levels or play someone else's. The game developers are active and are carefully listening to the feedback of the community given in their discord server, and if you want to contact one of the moderators of the page or learn more about running the game then join our own discord server. Here's a trailer) from last year of the game for the F3 showcase (keep in mind that a lot of stuff have changed since that trailer was made):


Are you Into Racing Games? Do you like to try a game that hasn't been run by more than a handfull of people
I'm looking for people who are down to try a simple, but really fun Nostalgic game: Mini Car Racing. A sort of top down view racing game.
Full Game/Iindividual levels....Whatever you personally enjoy. If you are interested make sure to Dm me or red dagger to get the game running on Win 10.
This is the trailer but it does kinda misrepresent the game.

Here is some actuall gameplay: