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Here's a recap of all the advertisements I've made in this thread so far.
Instead of making a new post whenever I want to advertise a game, I'll just edit this post.

Escape - 2D Platformer about collecting more jump abilities to reach the end.
Trigger Dungeon - Another 2D Platformer about avoiding traps and reaching the finish line in the fastest amount of time.
Minima - 2D platformer with 30 unique levels and cool graphics. The game features double jumps and hard moving traps.
Sleepy Knight - Part of the Eddynardo series, this 2D platformer is about dropping the knight in the best spot to collect all the chests in the fastest possible time. The game also features water potions, jumping, swords, and bats.
Santa Panic! - This game is about delivering presents. Or, you could just skip the holidays as fast as possible!
Flip Knight by Preatomic Prince - 2D platformer that features 3 stages. Beat each level to reach the end. The game has double jumps and dashes.
A Platformer for Ants - 2D platformer in one room. Each time you get close to the edge the screen reveals more of the room. There are two categories, any% and all checkpoints. This game takes under a minute to beat.
Blue Boy - A new game that includes 24 levels of hard platforming.

If there are any other advertisements I make, I will put them here.

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@NizarIrfaniNizarIrfani Taking the thread a bit too literally there, buddy. Reported.

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Try speedrunning the game that just came out on and is free to play on the App Store called Animal Jam (Modern). Link=


Amorphous+ is a flash game from 2008. The game is a 2D top-down hack-and-slash. The enemies are individually very predictable, but they work together to make the game challenging. Along the way you'll discover new enemies, earn up to 110 achievements, and unlock new equipment.

We have two categories:
Completionist is an almost 100% category with current WR of 45 minutes. To get a good run you have to have consistently good gameplay and plan for a few minutes ahead. There is luck involved, but less if you play well.
2nd slot is our 2nd category. It's a 50% run with a current WR of 3 minutes and 40 seconds. It is much more fast paced! Because of the shorter time you can take more risks. It is less about planning and more about taking the opportunities you see.

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Last month, I advertised pico8 games in general, with a slight emphasis on the small size of the games due to its intentionally restrictive limits. Well, a recent pico-8 game proves that developers can find ways past the limits: Peral.

This game is gigantic for a game made with pico-8, with a map big & twisty enough to get lost in. And you get to control a submarine that fights against underwater tanks, which is all kinds of awesome.

So if you've passed on pico-8 games because you'd prefer something in the 30-60 minute range, give Peral a try!

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Ok, I'm gonna post a long advertisement for several games here. I'm the only runner for a lot of these, and would like to see new runners for all of them.




I've been the only runner of this game for an entire year, and I would love to have some competition. The any% run is short and not too difficult to learn, and there are 100%, low%, and max% categories if you like that kind of stuff as well. It's a 2D platformer metroidvania. You collect potions to gain new abilities and access later parts of the game. At the end, there is a final bossfight. The game has a few spots where RNG makes a difference, however most of the time it doesn't affect the length of the run. The game still has room for new strats to be found, so if you like routing games you might want to try it as well.


Santa Run Games

This is an advertisement for several games: Santa Run, Santa Run 2, Santa Run 3, and Santa Run Extrahard. In each of these games, you play as santa working against a tight time limit to get to the end. The games are very easy to learn, once you've completed it casually you've effectively learned to speedrun it. However, there are a lot of creative ways to save time in several of the levels.


Algebra Dash

I'm sure most of you know what geometry dash is. Well, algebra dash is like geometry dash, but worse in literally every single way possible. It was developed by me as a joke, and bob-chicken suggested I add it to the other scratch games leaderboard. I've done a few speedruns of it, but nobody else has ran it yet because nobody else can even beat it. One of the levels is very difficult. I have yet to get a deathless run and I have almost 100 attempts (the game only has 7 levels too).


Kirby: The Unofficial Game

This is the best game on
If you don't grind for world record, it's actually pretty fun to run though


Platformer Game Series

This is commonly cited as the worst game/series on, but I found it unironically fun to speedrun all 4 of the games in this series. Unfortunately, I have no competition in 2 of the 4 games right now, and they aren't very active anymore. The first platformer game is very difficult, so if you like challenge I recommend that one. Nobody has ever beaten the game deathless, and the levels are extremely short, making memory and skill very important. Getting a clean run is nearly impossible. If you really want to make it hard, you can go for the extremely inconsistent final boss skip that saves 24 seconds. Lag reduction is also a key part of this run. Platformer game 2 is more relaxed, but requires very consistent playing to do well. The bossfights have RNG in them, however whether or not you get good RNG does not change how fast you kill them. It does make the fights more interesting and challenging however. If you like fast paced, glitch filled runs, you can try platformer game 3, which is filled with extremely broken hyperspeed glitches. Clipping through walls and flying through the air are just 2 of the fun things you can do in this game. If you don't like 3, 3.1 doesn't have most of the glitches 3.0 has, and the run is slightly longer.


Cell Machine

This game isn't that inactive, however I would like some help in finally finishing the route for this game. I've spent many, many hours putting together a spreadsheet detailing the most and least efficient way to complete each level, however I'm still not convinced I have all the best solutions. If you want to help, please do, and the game is fun to run as well.


Super Blue Boy Planet

This is a 2D scrolling platformer game. However, it's not just hold right and jump. The game has bossfights, vertical levels, glitches, and all sorts of ways to save time. It's super fun to optimize all of the ILs, and the game isn't too hard to learn. The full game run is 5 minutes long, however there are longer categories if you like those. The game also has a lot of difficult tricks, so it doesn't ever get to a point where a run can't be easily improved. There are many strategies that can be implemented into future runs. The game isn't active anymore, but when myself and @OutputOutput were running it, we were frequently finding new strats and minor optimizations.



I've been running this game for a very long time, and it is by far my favorite speedgame ever.
To start, the game is very accessible. It can be played on web and PC, you can change the controls, an accurate in-game timer for both full game and ILs, a "state indicator" which is a debug feature left in the game, a debug room with quick access to all of the levels, and other features.
The game is a 2D platforming game where you have to touch each platform in the level once to complete it. There are 4 difficulties you can play on, and in order to complete a world you have to complete the majority of the levels on any difficulty.
The speedruns are pretty technical. There are a lot of different ways you can move and jump, and there are creative routes and tech in almost all of the levels.
The average time of a run is ~10 minutes but with practice you can beat the game in under 7 minutes. If you like longer categories, 100% is about an hour long. There are also a lot of Misc. categories, many of which I am the only runner for. If you like short ILs, there are over 100 unique ILs and categories you can run. If you like glitches, the game has a "credits warp" (sort of) and a number of other minor or interesting glitches.

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I'm going to advertise Bradleh Daw Gaim just because it has only had 1 runner in the past 5 years and that has been me. It's a very short platformer, Any% is less than a minute long.

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Converter, the game i've been running on and off for the past month is now on the site :

It's a 3D platforming/exploration game, one of its quirks is that your movement is dependent on your stats (speed, height of jump, precision of your aim, damage resistance...) that you can increase by picking up orbs scattered throughout the map, which can make for some interesting routing

from what i understand this game is a solo project by a bosnian developper, and i don't think it got a lot of attention so i'd be happy to see more people giving it a try as it is a neat little game (it's available on Steam for 10€)

hope i didn't go to hard on the advertisement, it feels a bit weird to recommend a game that isn't free when most of the games in this thread are

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hope i didn't go to hard on the advertisement, it feels a bit weird to recommend a game that isn't free when most of the games in this thread are

Advertise any game you're interested in here, it doesn't have to be free. You also couldn't have gone harder on the advertisement than I did lol

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I would encourage going hard on advertising. I struggle with trying to find games to speedrun all the time and I wish this thread would be more active.

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My problem is I already have too many games I want to run

aside from the RSI

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An interesting game in which the main character must escape from the castle of the Dragon. For this you have a sledgehammer and with it you need to get to the bottom and defeat the dragon. There are 12 levels in the game (13 being the dragon). You will be hindered by spiders, zombies and so on as you make your way through the game. By collecting points you can exchange them for various bonuses, such as bombs.

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I'm gonna advertise someone else's run here, because it deserves to be seen: @PullMatroxPullMatrox just beat The Lair on Hell mode!

As far as I can tell, this is the first time anyone's beaten that difficulty since the 2017 update that nerfed the shield. Anyway, The Lair is a sidescrolling beat'em up with rng in the enemy selection and 5 difficulty levels to choose from. It's pretty straightforward, but it's solid in all aspects and a lot of fun to play. If you're up for that genre, give it a try.


Odd Bot Out is a fun physics-based puzzle game for mobile - you build bridges/staircases/cars etc out of blocks to guide the robot through each level.

The full game run is ~ an hour long (to be improved), but it is also the sort of game that you can just pick up and spend 5 minutes optimising a few levels so I would recommend it if you want to have fun finding new skips and glitches!


If you like hockey games check out NHL Slapshot:
More NHL games coming soon.


I'm still planning on running everything in this thread, just a tad busy at the moment.

I'll see what I can do in the coming days though.

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Nothing else needs to be said.


Now O.D.W. has to speedrun the entire angry birds series whether he wants to or not

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