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I've already posted about it before, but Iris and the Giant happens to be one of my favorite speedgames. If you like card combat, puzzle games, or things with just a bit of RNG, you might like it as well. It's very accessible overall and can even be run one-handed.

The only runner is really just me, and while I haven't made any guides yet, I'm more than happy to share strats. There's even two categories I haven't had the time to get to yet, if you like routing solo. You can find it here:


I'll be getting around to trying to run some of these when I get the time. Haven't got much cash to spend right now either, but you know what, I'll do at least one run for everything posted in here and in the other thread at some point. I'm making it a personal goal. Some of my best experiences have come from games looking for runners, so why not aim for that again?

Besides, it's more likely to create communities than my usual searching for completely dead games.

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Game that I've enjoyed running has finally been added to the site, and I would appreciate any runners. I'm also posting this to revive the advertisement thread, since ive found a couple cool games here.


Just ported to new and newish consoles. PC and mobile port coming in the future. Game needs more love 😃


Hi there,

on 25th may 2021 there will be a new game released to steam and multiple consoles. It's name is Biomutant.
It will be an action-rpg game with an open world. If you are interested read more here:

I will be looking to run the game as soon as it is released and would be happy for everyone that joins me on the journey to routing a new Speedrun/Speedgame. If you want to join the action from minute 0 join this discord:

Hope to see some of you around^^
Gl and happy running

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I've been refraining from posting here but I figured eh why not. Every game in the mr. Mothball series is pretty fun to speedrun. Zen Moth and Snowy Flakes just have survival categories so if you're into that then sure. mr. Mothball is a short platformer with interesting mechanics. Cotton Carnage and Under the Cherry Moon are my personal favorites, both being shooter games, Under the Cherry Moon being the better of the two. If that sounds interesting to you then please check them out, the series is currently very dead lmao

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This game is very popular, and I would love to see new runners:
Short game, takes about 5 minutes, but is very optimized.

Another short game, takes close to 2 minutes - Escape

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Bumping this thread with the news that PICO8 has been added as a platform, so anyone who moderates a pico-8 game should update the platforms accordingly.

As someone who's run a good number of pico-8 games, I recommend that people who haven't tried any give that list a look! For those unfamiliar with it, pico-8 is a "fantasy console" designed to mimic the limitations of the 80s, in the hope that the harsh limitations will bring out creativity from the developers. The most famous game for it is Celeste Classic, but there are lots of other small but great games out there.

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Since this thread doesn't seem to wanna die, I guess I should post this then

Undertale 2: Revenge of the Robots is a new FREE RPG game that came out in April Fools. But don't let the game's meme-like appearance fool you. This game can take you multiple hours to beat it casually with 2 endings and multiple side quests/bosses.

Currently, I'm the only runner for this game and I would really appreciate it if anyone wants to contribute with routing/glitch-hunting since I'm not good with any of those. Also just having someone to run this game with is also something I want since there's no fun in running a game alone.

Edit: The WR for the Normal Ending category is 1:45:08. So it's a pretty long speedrun and this might be a good or a bad thing for some people. Just wanna point that out.

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This thread will never die

i wont let it

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Um idk if you noticed but the thread is stickied… it literally cannot die.

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I would like this thread to be stickied, but sadly it is not already


Oh wait, I was looking at the FAQ thread 😅

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Kidnapped is a very fun indie horror game, the run has a major skip in every chapter that allows you to skip every objective in the game. The game is 3 dollars on Steam and has a pretty small community. The run also takes about an hour to learn and has become much more accessible now that the hardest skip in the game is no longer in the run


@Merl_Merl_ To be fair, it's part of stickied FAQ thread with one of the most commonly asked questions

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I guess this thread is half-stickied

Maybe a quarter-stickied


If you are looking for a super fast any% run, I can recommend The Adventures of Pinocchio ( ). The any% run is only 1 second long due to a Credit Warp glitch. Besides that, the any% NMG is also nice and worth to check out if you like puzzle / Solstice like games.

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bee movie ds is a 1 second long free wr but why


Google Snake Game is a weird speedrun.

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