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Bumping this with an update: Pigments is now on the site!

Also, I completed runs in Flip Knight for my end of the trade with @Sandstorm187Sandstorm187 above, so I'm open to another trade with the same terms as before

Edit: Not interested in trading at the moment, might offer trades again later. Of course, I'd still love to see people playing Grippy & Foxbot.

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@Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo as a fan of Ferociter and a high tier webgame runner (tm) myself, I will definitely run that game after I finish it casually and beat Pigments 100%, which is proving to be a very difficult task right now.

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New Advertisement for me:
Trigger Dungeon, came out two weeks ago, just got onto the site. Its a 2D platformer that takes 5 - 10 minutes for a speedrun. Would appreciate any runners.

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This game looks like a total joke. It is a shoarma delivery simulator with an arabic radio and broken physics, but my god is it fun. I played this game for hours on end when I was a baby mango and I think everyone should try it out.

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Broken physics = good physics. That's why I love MKWii.

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I'll probably run a few of the game in here if they're free in like 2-3 days from now.
I know some people are doing trades, so I'd also love it if some people (who have wiis) could help fill out this level leadboard a bit with me

I've been working hard to fill it out and hope to get there by the end of this month.
Downside is, I need other people with homebrewed Wiis to help with it 😛

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@survivalMichisurvivalMichi more than 3x the custom tracks.
There's 688 customs instead of 216. Also, while there is some overlap to CTGP, I don't think it includes all CTGP courses.
Downside is, there's no way to save ghosts since the tech. to do that hasn't been made public, and it still launches off of riivolution instead of its own channel. Due to that being the case, there's no custom leaderboards on their own site somewhere and the only site tracking records for this hack atm is src. Also, mega-thunderclouds are enabled by default. Other than that, I don't think there's much, but the track count alone is the main difference (with there being generally a lot of solid tracks out there).

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That has got to be the tallest leaderboard I've ever seen.
And I run a game with a 50+ tall leaderboard

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Yo fellow speedrunners, this is the dev of Leaf Blower Revolution. We've been trying to get into the speedrunning community (as it's my passion), and we're currently having a contest with some prizes (3x $20 + 3x $10 Steam Gift cards). For more information about the contest, please join our discord server:

Unfortunately, the game is not listed on but we're trying to change that. As it is called an idle game, let me answer your questions quickly:

Q: It's an idle game, speedruns are boring?
A: No, no. There are a lot of speedrun categories, each with many different strategies (leaf piling, upgrade paths, a bit of RNG of course, etc.).

Q: Sounds interesting. What are the categories?
A: There are three different categories in the contest: two shorter speedruns (any% prestige combo ~5 min, any% prestige no combo ~15 min) as well as a longer one (any% BLC ~3-4 hours).

Q: That's cool. Where can I buy the game?
A: The game is totally free on Steam:

Q: Great! How do I speedrun the game?
A: First, I recommend playing the game until your first Big Leaf Crunch (2nd prestige layer). This way, you get to know the basics of the game. You will unlock challenges where you can start the speedrun challenges.

Q: Meh, I want to start instantly. Any other way?
A: Alright, there's a save file that unlocks challenges immediately. More info about this can be found on the discord server.

Q: I'm in. Where do I post my best speedrun time?
A: Fantastic! In the #speedrun-submissions on the discord server.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


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Holy shit @SizzylSizzyl thank you for making me aware of that leaderboard

1) pls remove the real time column
2) how do I get this mod
3) flaps pls

I've been time trialling for 3 years how havent I seen that leaderboard

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No problem, glad you're insterested 🙂

1) pls remove the real time column
^it's needed for the '8 random courses' category, unless there's some way to turn it off for ILs?
2) how do I get this mod
There's a guide:
3) flaps pls
^That's not a bad idea, I'll add those

I've been time trialling for 3 years how haven't I seen that leaderboard
^I just submitted the leaderboard a month ago

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Well, my game request just got accepted! Ninja Cat is a webgame made in Pico-8. It is a platformer with a grappling hook mechanic. It is pretty short, ~5-6 minutes but a lot of room for optimization. I think it is really neat.

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I’ve been playing MKFusion for like 2 hours I’m so happy this thread exists

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It's a really solid hack lol, lots of good stages. Really impressed by the wii u ports personally.

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  [user deleted]
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sonic r is a cool speedgame try it out 🙂

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Sonic R has a banger soundtrack

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