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New NES game "Deth Complex!" , download here:

Play from your browser here at The Retroverse:


Come and speedrun Deth Complex! if you dare, it'll make your wildest dreams come true!


try 1v1 lol pipe run


I just made a game where I reimagined Minecraft as a speedrunning game.

Play it for free and climb up the online scoreboard

The best 10 players on the online highscore will get a spot in my next video.

If you're interested I also made a behind the scenes video how I made the game

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We need some runs to prevent the death of this game.
It's a educational math flash game called Prodigy, and we have very little players. If you are interested in speedrunning this game, here is the link:



Really love checking this thread out for game recommendations and to also see other users' work. Thanks for this thread!


Crawl is a true hidden gem, everyone that I've met that has played it loved the game and they usually say the only thing holding it back is it's lack of online play, this is true but at least here you can speedrun the game!
One of my all time favorite games and a fantastic and unique dungeon crawling experience, with a great artstyle and amazing voicework you should consider giving Crawl a chance to speedrun it.


A speedrun is a playthrough of a computer game, or segment of a computer game. I have lot of learn from this game. i do love it


Hey there!
I'm part of the QA team for Airhead, which is a kind of mysterious Puzzle Platformer Metroidvania that is currently in development but already has a quite speedrun-able Demo available on Steam!

I created a board for Airhead here:

It also has a first run (by myself) submitted that showcases some neat tricks and glitches on how to get a good time and I also wrote some tips and tricks down in the Guide section.

Would love for some people to check it out and maybe try it for themselves! 🙂

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I'd really like to see people start running

It's a really good game, mostly stealth focused, and I had a lot of fun running it.


i would like more people to speedrun frozen double trouble


I made a page for "The Upturned" it would be great if someone would check it out.
Here's the link:

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ppl hated on this game but it isn't bad 😭 I think it's pretty fun to run, has some cool mechanics, and is a full fledged game. I've been grinding it a lot, and I haven't got bored of it yet! I would love some competition, so if you have it lying around plz give it a try ​:)

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I’d recommend the Jackbox Games series. Some cool party games which some of them have interesting runs

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if you want to revive one of your best memories you can try this:

This Masterpiece shouldn't be left behind... give it go! it doesn't matter if are good or bad. Just go and dive in your most loved game!!!!!!.

Edit: i forgot spyro yes that tiny purple dragon i played a little on GBA. i played very little and yet has a big chunk on my memories!! although i'm not good enough to speedrun it i have fun playing it!!! Just give it go and if you master it..... then Crush the records!!!!!

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So there is a game called the Israel Railways game, it is a 3D web game and in the game you are taught how to travel by train. There are not many players running this game and there is not so much competition and the game is already like there are no more strategies to push the world record so maybe try to run the game quickly you can see the run I did to the game to see how to do Speedrun for the game.

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i confirm this speed run it's very easy


sonic 3 & knuckles but remastered and with easier glitches