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A relativley new game Show a really rewarding platformer with a short runtime that is good for new players

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Suzy Cube is a 3d platformer that I just started speedrunning last week and let me just say it's one of the most enjoyable games I have speedran in quite a while. Here are some pros and cons I would like to share.

- The game is highly inspired by Super Mario 3D World with it's 8 directional movement and it's fixed camera. This means that it is both keyboard and controller friendly.
- There's a lot of categories which are suitable for everyone that prefers either short/long speedruns.
- Easy to learn, hard to master.
- There's little to no difference between the mobile and pc versions.
- In Game Timer for each individual level for easy retiming (Real time is used in Full-game runs).

- The movement is a bit restrictive meaning some parts of the level have invisible walls which makes you not able to cut corners effectively
- The boss fights are pretty boring since there's little to no variety between all the bosses and their moves.
- The game isn't free costing you US$8.00 on steam and US$4.00 on mobile (unless you crack it).
- No tutorials or guides currently. The only way to learn is by watching other runs. Currently I'm learning most of strats from this guy I found on YT who holds multiple IL wr's on mobile. ( I've also recently contacted one of the mods of the game on twitter and he said he's gonna upload a video on all the IL wr's + explanations on each skips that he had found. It's estimated that he will get the video done by around April).

I'm also starting to get bored since I'm the only active runner for this game and there's really no one to compete against. That is why I'm writing this spread the world about this underrated game. That's about it. See ya.

Google Play:

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Easy to run game with lots of ILs.

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Rocket Dancer 2! Short game (~5 mins) with only 3 runs so far

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I made an NES game. Here are the links!!! Free to download!!! Assault!! On Planet Beezlbub:


This research is part of course-work for Information Management (course id: INFO6682) at Dalhousie University.

We are looking for volunteers to take part in a study of information gathering and decision-making in doing speedruns. In other words, what motivates you to speedrun and how do you go about it?

If you volunteer to be in this study, your participation will consist of a virtual, arts-based interview over Microsoft Teams.

Your participation would take up to one hour of your time.

Speedrunners of any skill or bracket may apply. Must be 18+ to comply with ethics guidelines in giving consent to be part of this study.

For more information about this study or to indicate interest in participating, please contact: Sam Ginther at

Eager to hear from participants from the community!

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I am looking to get people to speedrun Knightform demo.
It is a 2d platformer/rage game based around the movement of a chess knight. It has 10 levels and took me around 42 minutes to beat.
Here is my playthrough of it if you want/need a reference :


REVISITOR is a free puzzle game that is based around teleportation mechanics, and it's very friendly to speedrunning. It's got lots of ILs, and a full game run takes just about 20-30 minutes.
We have a very small community, so we would be happy to see new faces!

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I am still new to so I can't do so yet, but I will after the 7 days have elapsed.

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were you given a free copy of that game?
how did you stumble across it?


please speedrun donkey kong jr. math


Knightform has a board so come check it out

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Short games that are easy to get a run done in

Speedrunable board game (Considering adding IRL% categories)

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Horseshoe Crab Rescuse is a super easy, fun, and cute game for the 3ds, for only 1$ on the eShop. The point of the game is to walk around a beach, and flip over horseshoe crabs with the press of a button. The in-game timer makes running it easy, especially since the board is based on IL's.
A really well-made Sonic fighting game, that is surprisingly fan-made and free. Like most fighting game speedruns, the run entails defeating the arcade mode as fast as possible with any character. It's a pretty easy game to pick up, so if you like fighting games you should check it out.

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Ball At Work is a "Free to Play" ball-physics platformer available on Steam. The free version of the game only comes with 18 Levels but you can unlock up to 40 levels if you pay for the 2.00$ DLC.

The game has very simple controls which makes the game very easy to be picked up by new runners + the in game leaderboards allow you to compete with other players in IL runs. This game is also very speedrun-friendly since it has a "Speedrun Mode" with a built in In-Game Timer + Splits so you don't have to bother setting up livesplit and manually splitting when running the game.

The community isn't too active nowadays but they're still willing to help you get started running the game. The speedrun is more on the shorter side with the "Free to Play" version taking around 5 minutes and DLC taking around 15 minutes but there's also even shorter categories where you beat only a certain amount of levels usually taking under 1 minute.

That's pretty much I have to say about this game, be sure to try it out if you're looking for a short game that's decently competitive.



Bike Champ is THE flash game of my childhood. SWF file and flash players in the resources section.
NOTE: This game does NOT work with Ruffle, so any attempts to play it on Ruffle will be futile.


Atrius Star is a bullet hell roguelite with challenging AI, fun weapons, monster infighting, and speed running. Fly in on your helicopter, fight the monsters, and save the princess of Atrius from the evil scientist Dral.

Challenging AI
The monsters in Atrius Star are built upon a concept called "orthogonal unit differentiation". This means each unit operates in a unique way causing you to make meaningful decisions to defeat each one.

Fun Weapons
The weapons in Atrius Star include a chainsaw, rifle, shotgun, SMG, rocket launcher, and grenade launcher. Each weapon has its own strength, weakness, and cool down mechanic causing you to regularly switch between weapons to survive.

Monster Infighting
If enough chaos ensues or monsters are manipulated just right, they will start to fight each other. It's a truly satisfying event that creates laughs and saves you ammo.

Speed Running
With each game timed, you can get endless replayability by trying to beat your all-time best.

My best time is 43 minutes and 7 seconds :]