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Many people discourage advertisements on this site. On this thread, advertisements are encouraged! Post any games you would like others to run, or look at what people have posted to see game suggestions.

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I would love for others to check out and try speedrunning Buffy The Vampire Slayer on original XBOX

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Very cool HTML5 game made by a stellar creator, & run by two high tier web game runners (I'm shameless).

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@Lieutenant_BooLieutenant_Boo I might check that out, good suggestion!

Edit: I would definitely run this game, the only thing preventing me from doing so is the fact that I probably can't record audio that long! I can try tho

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If I had to make a suggestion myself, I would ask people to check out Santa Panic! or Flip Knight by preatomic prince:

Both games are in need of new runners.


More runs=more donations.

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Learning + Speedrunning = ???????

Fill in the blank


I'll plug this because the speedrun is great fun to learn (game is pretty broken)


If you have a 3DS you can play SM64 🙂

Also this is the best game on the site:


why not play the vastly supirior and official Super Mario 64 DS?
which is a proper rework and has been optimised for the DS?

But here some advertisement:

YGO WC 2008 has pretty much one of the best categories in Yugioh. "All Stone Seal Challenges" makes you build a multiple decks with a goal and it has to be able to win. If you enjoy normal (slowish) YuGiOh and actual deck building this run is perfect.
sadly its burried under marathon runs / RNG/Grind fests which most yugioh runs are.
In resources is a prepared .sav file which you can put into your Desmume.

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@survivalMichisurvivalMichi Because it runs on a completely different physics engine with different mechanics, most people enjoy OG mario 64 physics to DS imo, but DS definitely has some crazy stuff going on, just seems way too complex for me instead of the simple 16 star BLJ route. Also, the 3DS port is optimized for the 3DS and runs smooth.


How about this game?

At first glance, it's quite a linear game, and it is. However, there is a lot of micro optimisation here and there that make the game quite interesting to run. In fact, the optimisation began even before you start the game itself.

We have our own Discord if you want to check out:


Well, why would I be limited to that? I also a member of this community.
You might be familiar to this game because of @Ironside_ChrisIronside_Chris tweet about this game, particularly the hardest difficulty, Grimm.

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Two questions: First, are we restricted to games with leaderboards on here? Second, would anyone be open to the idea of offering to trade games?

The reason for the first question is that I'd like to see someone better than me run Pigments. I haven't submitted Pigments on here because I can only beat the first two levels... (Can you submit a game if you can't actually beat it? It is IL-focused, after all.) Turns out you can! Pigments is up.

For the second, I'd be willing to run any web game typically doable in under 10 minutes that doesn't require mouse or controller (minor mouse usage ok). In exchange, please run either category of Grippy, and/or Foxbot's full game or a complete set of ILs (beating the level, not death%).

Edit: I'm no longer offering trades for the time being, but I'd still greatly appreciate it if more people would give Grippy and Foxbot a shot. Especially Grippy.

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1. If you want to post about games not on the site, you can. People might want to support the game and try to help it get onto the site.
2. Offering to trade game is okay - since I've run most of Foxbot's ILs and have 3 fullgame runs, I could offer to trade with you.

For a trade of my own, if anyone does all ILs or a fullgame run of Flip Knight by preatomic prince or Sleepy Knight, I'd run any webgame that takes under 10 minutes, with limited or no mouse usage (same as hahhah42)

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@Sandstorm187Sandstorm187 Ok, sure. How about you complete the remaining ILs in Foxbot, and I do both categories for Santa Panic? Or would you prefer to keep your trade offer to Flip & Sleepy Knight? (In that case, I'll decide between them later today; I'm going to bed now.)

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I played Pigments for a bit and it's too hard for me to beat 100% unless I put a lot more time into the game. I noticed that you don't actually need to complete the level to unlock the next, so in theory you could do an any% speedrun where you die at strategic times, and then only finish the last level. If you do that, finishing a full run so you can submit to the site would be easier. You could also do a bad run with several deaths in it. Even if the run isn't polished, it shows that the game is very difficult and makes the run longer, so it would be less likely to be rejected for being short/trivial. I hope you can get it on the site, I would enjoy running those ILs.

I will edit this post later with an advertisement, so stay tuned

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@Merl_Merl_ I sort of figured that beating Pigments would require getting 100% in each level. Don't expect that anything noteworthy happens if you just do enough to open Kiwi and then manage to 100% it, but I could be wrong. I wasn't at all concerned about short/trivial—after all, the watermelon level took me almost 5 minutes on its own—just about the fact that I can't submit a run that beats the game.

I had considered submitting it with by showing my highest score in each of the other levels, but I didn't want to do that unless I got to at least 70% in all of them, and I failed at Banana & Coconut. I suppose an "unlock Kiwi" category would be reasonable, since that's pretty clear cut and offers some flexibility in how to go after it.

Anyway, first I have to work on Flip Knight, since Sandstorm already delivered on Foxbot.

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Sayonara Umihara Kawase -
Super underrated game with fun and rewarding hook-based physics. Easy to learn, but still with a high skill ceiling.


I lied, I'm not editing the post, I'm making a new one.

I'd like to see some love for
The game has no active runners, which is understandable because getting a top time in any category except any% requires using ridiculously difficult and/or rng heavy tricks. Because of that, I felt really burned out after getting world records in almost every category, and it's hard to find motivation to run it again even though I really like the game. Even if you don't want to run full game, there's still a bunch of potential for strat finding, so if you enjoy the routing part of speedruns this game would be a good pick. If you could find a way to make minimum glides (9 glides) easier you would be a hero.

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